Improve your home’s performance.

Make your home healthy and comfortable, save money, and recapture your investment when you sell or re-finance.

Pearl’s certification system can help you create the home you want: comfortable, healthy, safe, and energy efficient.

Protect your investments in high-performing features: certify and register them with Pearl.

Improving your home with Pearl is easy


Select a contractor

You can use any contractor you like, although a Pearl Network Contractor may provide you with some special benefits. Learn more below.


Improve your home

As you replace or upgrade your home’s assets, like heating and cooling systems, insulation, appliances, and lighting, you can earn Pearl points.


Achieve certification

If your home has enough Pearl Points, it can qualify for the Pearl Silver, Gold, and Platinum certification levels.


Register your home

You can choose to list your home in the Pearl registry for free.

Identify the improvements you need and track progress towards Pearl Certification with My Home Profile

One online account to keep track of all your home improvements and high-performing assets.

What’s different about a Pearl Network Contractor?

They have special training and qualifications

Pearl Network Contractors have special training and credentials to conduct a home asset inventory, identify health and safety problems, and create improvement plans for your home.

They can collect the data used to certify your home

Only Pearl Network Contractors have the training and participate in the quality assurance system that allows them to contribute information to a Pearl Certification.

They participate in a Home Performance with ENERGYSTAR® program

Some Pearl Network Contractors can issue a certificate for conducting U.S. Dept of Energy-approved health and safety tests.

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