Get a FREE Pearl Certification and increase the value of your home!

make your home more energy efficient and capture the value when you sell

Now Wayland and Concord homeowners can add value to their homes with a free Pearl Certification!

Studies from across the U.S. show that high-performing, energy efficient homes sell faster and for more money – but only if the buyers know these homes have special features! Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party certification of all your home’s high-performing features and renewables – the features that make it healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

When marketed properly, Pearl Certified homes sell for 5% more.

Sell your energy efficient home


  • If you have an energy efficiency home and are looking to sell,
    a Pearl Certification and a trained agent can add 5% or more to your home’s sales price. 
  • Pearl Partner Agents are trained to identify and showcase the high performing features buyers will pay more for such as insulation, solar, and efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Improve your home


  • Pearl Advantage Contractors are top quality residential contractors that can make your home more healthy, comfortable, efficient — and valuable.
  • They can install high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, and insulation, as well as sealing your home and ductwork. They also install rooftop solar panels. 

What Features Qualify for Certification?

The Pearl system gives points for each high-performing asset in your home. High-performing assets are things that make your home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Investment grade information on the home’s features is presented in an easy-to-read Pearl Certification Report that provides the necessary documentation to help you get fair market value for you higher performing home when you sell or refinance.

Attic insulation icon
The insulation in your attic and walls
Heat and AC icon
Your heating and cooling system
Energy Star icon
ENERGY STAR® appliances
Smart Thermostat
Smart thermostats

Steps to Certification Success


STEP 1. Pre-qualify your home

Trained Pearl Partner Agents will help homeowners prequalify their homes for certification through Pearl’s app.

STEP 2. Order a certification

Pearl will send an approved certification contractor to the home to create a home energy asset inventory of qualifying home features

STEP 3. Achieve Certification

Within two business days, Pearl will issue your certification report and send marketing materials to you and your real estate agent. You’re all set! 

STEP 4. Sell your home

Your trained real estate agent will use the Certification Report materials to educate buyers, support a higher appraised value, and increase your home’s sale price, and/or sell more quickly.


STEP 1. Select a contractor

You can use any contractor you like, although a Pearl Network Contractor will provide you with some special benefits.

STEP 2. Improve your home

As you replace or upgrade your home’s assets, like heating and cooling systems, insulation, appliances, and lighting, you can earn Pearl points.

STEP 3. Achieve certification

If your home has enough Pearl Points, it can qualify for the Pearl Silver, Gold, and Platinum certification levels. 

STEP 4. Register your home

You can choose to list your home in the Pearl registry for free. Contact Pearl to register.

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