Modern home building
is all about performance

It’s not just about finishes, sf, and number baths and bedrooms.

Green Energy Icon

Today’s top builders grapple with:

  • Energy code compliance
  • State and local ordinances tied to sustainability goals
  • Game-changing technologies (smart home features, solar)

Buyers interests are changing too. Buyers want:

High-Performing Home Benefits

Better Indoor Air Quality for a Healthier Family

Energy Efficiency and Renewables to Manage Monthly Costs

Comfortable Living

How do high-quality builders connect the benefits buyers want to home features?

Pearl Silver Certificate

Pearl is establishing a national standard for high-performing homes.

Our proprietary certification system:

  • Rates homes' performance and efficiency
  • Makes their features visible and valuable at time of sale
  • Complements and communicates the value of a builder’s participation in labeling programs like ENERGY STAR or in attaining a HERS Index score

Pearl’s system is:

  • An asset-based approach that collects data on ENERGY STAR installations, energy efficiency, solar, smart home features, IAQ, and quality install – for new and existing homes
  • A certification system that provides buyers with investment grade documentation to help increase or retain home value (it includes an official Appraisal Addendum)
  • Inexpensive, and fits into existing processes

Unprecedented Multi-Industry Buy In

Pearl’s partners are the most respected names in energy efficiency and real estate, and PEG Environmental is Pearl’s trusted, multi-state partner for certification services.

“A lot of people have energy efficiency and green building programs, but we believe in the third-party verification of every single one of our homes. Pearl has the foresight to complete the loop of individual home certification and providing documentation of the value that we add to our customer’s homes. We are proud to work with Pearl to help homeowners maximize their high-performing home’s value over the lifetime of their homeownership.”
– Josh Goldschmidt, President for Eagle Construction

Pearl’s certification package captures investment grade information on quality installations for energy efficiency, home automation, and renewable energy features.

Pearl making value visible

Certification Report package includes:

  • Feature-level, state-based comparisons to average home
  • Official Appraisal Addendum (usage guide below)
  • MLS Listing Report for RE agents
  • Digital and print marketing collateral


All Pearl Certification reports issued for the real estate market also include the Appraisal Institute’s Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum. This document aids in communicating the value of the Pearl certified improvements to the appraiser. More information about the AI Addendum is available in this guide.

Why work with Pearl?

  • Customized service and pricing for production and custom home builders.
  • Certification package can include a HERS rating or Home Energy Score.
  • Customizable marketing support including 3D model home tour, co-branded buyer educational displays.

Find out more about Pearl’s Builder Advantage.