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Howard Building Science

With a commitment to doing good by building better, Pearl Network Builder Rob Howard and his firm, Howard Building Science, are bringing affordable, Zero Energy Ready Homes to a pocket neighborhood in Granite Falls, NC.

Howard is not just building efficient, comfortable, and healthy homes, he is also reframing the way we look at housing and challenging the tremendous mismatch between the available housing stock in the U.S. and the housing options that people want and need.

The post-WWII, automobile-centric, single-family-development model no longer meets the needs of residents or society. Urban areas in the U.S. are experiencing dramatically shifting household and cultural demographics and a growing demand for walkable urban living.

Missing Middle Housing, a term coined by Daniel Parolek, describes the walkable, desirable, yet attainable housing that many people across the country are struggling to find. This concept is extremely important because it enables people to live closer to the communities where they work and ultimately create more inclusive neighborhoods.

"We're working with Pearl Certification to help promote all of the benefits of certifying these homes to make sure that our buyers understand all the benefits of the homes - what makes them different or unique and better than the average home that's just built to code."

Some of these one- and two-story cottages are still for sale. Pearl has partnered with Northpointe Bank to offer a Total Cost of ownership mortgage that could increase interested homebuyers' buying power by up to 10%. If interested, please contact the Pearl Real Estate Division at [email protected].

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