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Pearl Certification Reports

Build credibility and trust with your customers by certifying your work. Pearl Certification reports add value to your customers' homes by showcasing the improvements for future buyers, real estate agents and appraisers. Offering a Pearl Asset Certification sets you apart. In a recent survey, 87.5% of homeowners said that they were influenced to work with a Pearl Advantage contractor because of Pearl Certification.

Sample Asset CertificatePearl Asset Certification reports help your customers capture the value of the improvements you make when they sell or refinance their home Sample Silver CertificateOffer Pearl Silver Certifications as a way to showcase your premium products and services. Silver certifications can increase the value of your customers' homes by as much as 5% when they sell. Sample Gold CertificateShowcase your ability to offer whole house solutions by offering Gold and Platinum Certifications. Gold and Platinum certifications can increase the value of your customers' homes value by 5% or more. Sample Solar CertificatePearl Solar Certifications will give your customers peace of mind that when they sell their installations they will be able to recapture the value of their investment
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Stand out from the competition

Sales Materials

Collateral and online resources that showcase your status as a Pearl Advantage Contractor help you stand apart from the competition and close sales. Yard signs, magnets and stickers remind your customs of your quality work long after you've left.

Sample intro email and micrositeStand out right at the beginning of the sale with an email highlighting the Pearl Avantage. A linked page on your site shows customers the benefits you can offer them as a Pearl Advantage Contractor. Sales flyerMake your firm stand out and help your customers understand the value of Pearl certification with professionally-designed printed colllateral featuring your brand. Branded circuit-breaker magnetA Pearl magnet helps homeowners remember how to capture more value for their homes when they sell -- and reminds them of your firm at the same time. Branded yard signsA Pearl yard signs show the entire neighborhood that your firm made your customer's home stand out.
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Find new customers

Marketing Package

Leverage Pearl to burnish your brand and reach new customers. Pearl's template marketing materials can help you reach and engage new customers in new ways.

Sample Press ReleaseAnnouce your membership in the one invitation-only elite contractor network in the U.S. to your customers. Featured ContractorA Pearl Featured Contractor profile showcases your work in a new way, and Pearl's social media support helps you reach new customers. Featured HomeA Pearl Featured Home profile of a home you improved showcases the great work you do for your customers every day.
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Reconnect with existing customers

Lifetime Engagement

Stay engaged with past customers using the Home Investment Plan, helping customers plan for short-term and long-term improvements to create a high-performing home. Reward your past customers by offering them the gift of a Pearl retro-certification. It's a way to offer them something valuable, and to interest them in additional improvements.

Begin a Pearl Retro-cert CampaignCreate lifetime relationships with your customers by giving them a comprehensive, long-term plan to improve their homes and reach the next Pearl Certification level. Home Investment PlanThe Home Investment Plan validates your proposal by showing that your improvements are important energy efficiency measures in an independent third party system.
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Connect with new homebuyers

New Leads

Get new leads by partnering with a Pearl Advantage Brokerage. They can help your customers get the right price for their certified homes when they sell. And they can introduce you to new homebuyers interested in making improvements to their homes

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