Testimonial - SoCal Airflows Pros

Known for their attention to detail and HVAC for Heroes program, SoCal Airflow Pros is proud to be a Pearl Contractor, which gives their customers "more bang for their buck." Watch the video to hear from General Manager Chad Smock about how their partnership with Pearl benefits their customers.

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Testimonial - Ideal Energy

Meet Ideal Air Conditioning & Insulation, the first Pearl Contractor in Phoenix! They "live and breathe home performance" and take pride in improving their customers' indoor air quality, adding energy efficiency, and amplifying the value of the home. Watch the video to learn how Pearl has helped them "substantially" differentiate their business.

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Testimonial - Willams Comfort Air

In this testimonial video, Greg Wells of Williams Comfort Air talks about the significant impact Pearl has on their business. He shares how his team has successfully integrated Pearl into their sales and business processes to maximize the benefits that Pearl's elite Contractor Network provides—both for their customers and ultimately their bottom line.

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"Consumers have always wanted their investment in high efficiency HVAC, plumbing, or electrical equipment to be considered when appraising or valuing their home. Pearl Certification gives consumers confidence in their investments and gives qualified contractors yet another way to differentiate themselves from competitors who do not qualify. We offer Pearl Certifications to our customers as an added value on all qualified equipment and installations."

Paul Kelly - CEO and Owner Parker and Sons — Phoenix, AZ

"As a Pearl Contractor, we've been able to offer the Pearl Certification to homeowners on every home. It differentiates us because Pearl takes only the top contractors in the United States, and we get to be one of them. Pearl does all the vetting, so it makes it seamless for the customer to know there's a third party choosing us from thousands of companies. Having the security that our company’s work is Pearl Certified gives the customer some peace of mind."

Rusty Cochran - President We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning — Murrieta, CA

"It was important for us to deal with a high-quality solar contractor who certified their work through Pearl. If we didn’t, it would be impossible to capture and communicate the investment we made."

Desi - Homeowner Pearl Platinum Certified Homeowner — Maryland
A Ciel Power worker on the job.

Ciel Power LLC & Pearl Certification - Spreading Sustainability to New Jersey & Beyond

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Solar panel installations on the ground.

Pearl Helps Out Its “Pals”

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