Pearl Certification documents solar, inverter, and battery installations to provide investment-grade documentation which helps the home appraise for more - with your installation as the contributing factor! 

We work with an elite group of contractors in SOLAR, HVAC and HOME PERFORMANCE.

Solar Badge

As part of a Pearl Certification, the Solar Badge is a certification that calls attention to solar panels, solar installations and their warranties if the home is pre-wired for these high-performing assets or already has them installed.

A Pearl Certification provides detailed information about solar installations, including the amount of energy they are projected to produce, and the length of the warranties on the system. This information gives the homeowner important indications of the quality of the installation, and can be used by an appraiser to calculate its net present value.

Pearl Certified homes can sell for 5% more than non-certified homes when marketed properly.

Explore the Pearl Solar Certification Report

The Pearl Certification Report showcases information about a home’s high-performing features that generate and/or store energy and make a home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Not your average certification

Pearl Certification changes the game for home value, making it visible today and decades from now. This is how we accomplish our mission – to improve the health, comfort, efficiency and resilience of America’s housing stock.

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