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About SoCal Airflow Pros

Cody Novini founded SoCal Airflow Pros in Mission Viejo, California, in 2015. He wanted to build a business that focused on high-quality HVAC installation and great service at a good price. In the past six years, the company has created thousands of happy homeowners who have discovered what high-quality HVAC equipment and installation looks like, and — what’s most important — what a high-performing home with clean air feels like.

SoCal Airflow Pros is the only HVAC company in South Orange County certified by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Quality Assurance program. And last year, Novini was named to ACCA’s Board of Directors. The company has also been recognized for four consecutive years as Orange County’s industry leader in fewest install warranties for American Standard.

A  Match Made in (HVAC) Heaven

Teaming Up with Pearl

Pearl Certification works with only the best contractors in the business, so it’s no surprise that SoCal Airflow Pros and Pearl were a match made in (HVAC) heaven. “When we began working with Pearl Certification, we found that it fit seamlessly into what we were already doing,” Novini says.

Pearl Certification reinforces SoCal's company’s core values — honor, quality, commitment, and respect — and its mission to be an elite team of home comfort professionals providing dream service to clients while living the American dream at home.

“Getting a five-star listing on Google and Yelp is great,” says Novini. “But it doesn’t tell customers about the quality of our work. They don’t see that we are using the latest and most efficient equipment, designed and installed the right way.”

By teaming up with Pearl Certification, he can show that a third-party evaluator backs him up and holds his company to the highest standards. Pearl Certification is a quality indicator that gives customers proof of concept — a home that is comfortable, efficient, and highly valued in the real estate market.

When asked about his company’s experience during the COVID-19 lockdown, Novini says, “For the first few weeks, things were slow. But after four to six weeks, work exploded.” People are spending more time indoors than ever and want their home to be comfortable and efficient. They want clean air and good ventilation. SoCal Airflow Pros, partnering with Pearl Certification, provides just that.

“Since we joined the Pearl Network, business has continued to increase at a fast and exciting pace,” Novini says.

People are spending more time indoors than ever and want their home to be comfortable and efficient. They want clean air and good ventilation. SoCal Airflow Pros, partnering with Pearl Certification, provides just that.

Cody Novini Owner at SoCal Airflow Pros

Going Above & Beyond

Novini is also a Marine Corp Veteran who served two tours in the Middle East — and he’s been determined to support his fellow veterans through his business however he can. In fact, nearly half of the SoCal Airflow Pros’ 25-person staff are veterans.

Additionally, Novini has extended the company’s mission and services to support the veteran community. He started a program, HVAC for Heroes, to serve military veterans, firefighters, and other law enforcement workers who are in need of a new HVAC system in their home.

“We provide and install whole HVAC systems, with high-quality duct installation and ventilation, at no cost to the veterans,” says Novini. “These heroes and their families deserve to live in homes with high-quality, reliable home comfort systems — and that’s what we provide,” he adds.

Another way Novini’s company serves the community and helps train the workforce of the future is by taking on vets as interns. “They drive around with a crew and observe the work. If they were in a trade school, they wouldn’t find out what it means to actually do the work in the field. We give them a chance to see if they want to do this kind of work before they invest in trade school,” Novini says.

Some veterans are transitioning out of military life and are preparing to go home, and some will stay in the Mission Viejo area. “We’d like to take them all on,” Novini explains.

But whether or not these soon-to-be pros end up in HVAC or another field, or if they move to another part of the country, they are able to experience HVAC work done right — the SoCal Airflow Pros way, and the Pearl way.

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