Pearl Real Estate Network Members are trained to sell high-performing homes faster and at a higher price point.

Pearl Real Estate Network Members know how to properly market and value your certified home so you can sell faster and for more. You don’t have to wonder if you’ve chosen a high-quality professional when you’ve chosen a Pearl professional.

Secure your ROI with a Pearl Real Estate Network Member

Superior Knowledge

Pearl Real Estate Network Members understand how to market energy efficiency, home automation, and solar installations. They know how to connect home performance with what buyers want.

Savvy Marketing

Trained to maximize the Pearl marketing system, Pearl Real Estate Network Members know how to use the Green MLS data fields to optimize appraisals, and they amplify your listing by selling buyers on your home’s high-performing features.

Pearl Real Estate Network Members Are in Your Area

  • Charlottesville

Emily Dooley, Charlottesville Area Realtor.
Emily Charlottesville

Emily is has been practicing real estate for the past six years, closing an average of 12 listings each year. Since joining the Pearl network in 2020, Emily has listed and sold 10 Pearl certified homes.

“Pearl Certification provides materials that are easily shared with potential buyers, agents, and appraisers to highlight the value that energy efficiency improvements add to a property.”

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Greg Slater, Associate Broker at Nest Realty Group.
Greg Charlottesville

Greg has been a licensed real estate agent for 25 years and is one of the first agents to market a listing with Pearl Certification. Since joining the Pearl network in 2016, he has sold over 30 Pearl certified homes.

“I use Pearl Certification every opportunity I can. Pearl helps me sell and win listings by identifying features of value that are often overlooked in the marketing process. I also represent two builders that understand the value Pearl Certification adds; they include a certification with every home they sell.”

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  • Phoenix

Jan Green, Realtor for the HomeSmart Elite Group.
Jan Phoenix

Jan is a seasoned real estate agent with nearly two decades of experience in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. She has listed and sold six Pearl certified homes since joining our network in 2018, and is the proud owner of a Pearl Gold certified home.

“As an instructor, I always include Pearl Certification when teaching agents about energy efficiency, marketing and how to sell high-performance homes. With the backing from DOE, BPI, NAR and Energy Star, Pearl has the credibility and marketing material to convey value for high performance homes.”

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Melisa Camp, a Phoenix-based Realtor with HomeSmart.
Melisa Phoenix

Melisa has been in the Pearl Network for the past four of her 13 years as a real estate agent. She has listed 10 Pearl Certified homes including her own, which was the first Pearl home in Arizona.

“Pearl has streamlined the documentation process so my sellers can better make their energy efficiency investments stand out from competitors when they sell and helps to ensure they do not leave money on the table.”

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  • Michigan

Bretton Vredevoogd, Real Estate Agent based out of Grand Rapids Mi.
Brett Michigan

Brett has sold 20 Pearl Certified homes in just under three years as a Pearl Real Estate Network Member. He closes around thirty listings each year and has been a licensed agent for nearly a decade.

“I use Pearl Certification as a vessel to assist me with my goal of changing the way buyers, sellers, lenders, and appraisers look at the value of real estate. It is helping shift the focus to health, efficiency, and comfort over square footage and traditional market value indicators.”

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"When you tell someone that you can help them be comfortable, reduce the money that they’re spending in their home, and make the value of their home go up at one time, it seems too good to be true. Pearl Certification proves it’s not."

Vicki Wells Home Energy Medics

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