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Pearl Certification is, at its base level, a sales tool. It provides you with differentiation from your competitors by providing documentation of the investment your customers are making in their homes. There’s nuance to incorporating that into your sales discussions; Pearl plays a supporting role. You are the star of this show! We have developed a new sales training curriculum to assist you in incorporating Pearl into your sales pitch without disruption.

Our Intro to Pearl Sales Training Curriculum helps a sales team with no prior knowledge of Pearl incorporate Pearl into key aspects of your sales conversation to help you sign more contracts.

The curriculum features five distinct phases, beginning with Onboarding and then refining those skills. Let’s take a look at the training outline:

1.  Onboarding

During the Onboarding Phase, your sales team will meet with your dedicated Pearl Success Advisor for roughly one hour for the Sales Training Kickoff. Typically held in a virtual environment, the kickoff formally introduces your sales team to Pearl and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Your Success Advisor

  • Who/What Is Pearl Certification

  • Building Value and Trust with Pearl

  • Introduction to Co-branded Sales Materials

  • Putting Pearl in Your Pitch (talk tracks provided)

  • Overview of the Pearl Certification Report (including Appraisal Addendum)

  • Pearl Solar Equity CalculatorSM Demo (solar contractors only)

Through this training, your sales team will gain a working knowledge of Pearl Certification, enabling them to begin incorporating introductory talk tracks about Pearl’s value into their sales conversations for immediate results.

2.  Phase Two

Next, we build on the foundation we established during onboarding. Although your team will be prepared to begin leveraging Pearl in their sales discussions after the initial onboarding, the additional training phases prepare your team to hone and refine their skills for maximum success. 

During Phase Two, your team will learn more about incorporating Pearl’s value into their sales conversations. We start with a review of results and feedback from the first training: your Success Advisor will meet with your sales leadership team to determine how the sales team is incorporating Pearl into their sales discussions. During this meeting, your Success Advisor will prescribe additional training in one of the following areas, depending on your needs:

  • Tailored talk tracks and scripting development (Pearl-focused)

  • Role play (leveraging the value of Pearl)

  • General Q&A with Your Success Advisor

After assessing your team’s progress, your Success Advisor will tailor a training solution specific to your team and their needs. In this phase, your sales team will gain a deeper understanding of Pearl’s value propositions and will begin to tailor solutions specific to your sales structure. 

3.  Phase Three

Now that your sales team is incorporating the value of Pearl into each and every discussion with prospective clients, it’s now time to focus on the specific tools and value propositions unique to your trade and business model. Training for this phase can focus on one, or more, of the following areas:

  • Pearl During the Sale (deep dive into talk track development)

  • Internal Pearl Training Development (assist sales managers and trainers with developing internal recurring training as it pertains to Pearl)

  • Defusing Objections with Pearl

  • Pearl on the Doors (D2D training)

  • Leveraging Pearl for Upsells

  • Pearl Solar Equity Calculator as a Sales Tool (solar contractors only)

  • Q&A with Your Success Advisor

As you solidify Pearl as a value-add in your sales structure and ensure the value you bring your customers is seamlessly integrated into your specific process, your Success Advisor will develop tailored solutions to the unique needs of your sales team and your particular offer.

4.  Phase Four

Phase Four begins with a candid discussion between your sales leadership team and your Success Advisor. You will review what’s working and what’s not for your sales team. By this phase, we anticipate that your hard work will have achieved an increase in close rates attributed to Pearl. 

Your Success Advisor will work with your sales leadership team to fine-tune any areas of Pearl’s value that are not yet incorporated into your sales cycle. In addition, your Success Advisor will identify any areas of training not previously covered and prescribe training based on the needs of your sales team. This is also a great time to train any newly hired sales representatives or team members!

5.  Phase Five

Welcome to the final phase of your sales training curriculum! By this point, your sales team will have a deep understanding of Pearl Certification and its associated value propositions, as well as possess the ability to leverage that value with surgical precision when speaking with your prospects. But this is not the time to take your foot off of the gas pedal! 

During this phase, your Success Advisor will provide training on any areas of Pearl not previously covered, will provide refresher training as desired, and/or training in any other Pearl-specific areas of interest. However, the main focus during this phase will be your Success Advisor collaborating with your sales leadership team to identify and implement training plans for your future success. In addition, your Success Advisor will ensure that all of your internal training development is identified and complete and will identify any areas of improvement needed to reach your goals.

As illustrated above, Pearl is dedicated to ensuring your success. We take a very intentional and tailored approach to ensuring the needs of our Pearl Network Contractors are met and your sales teams are laser-focused on highlighting your differentiation, leveraging your third-party validation, and changing customer conversations from price to value. To learn more about the Intro to Pearl Sales Training Curriculum, please reach out to your Pearl Relationship Manager. Happy selling!


Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.