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You’ve made a smart decision to join the Pearl Network, and now Pearl Certification is on your side to help you make the most of our partnership. As you know, Pearl is a powerful sales tool that can shift the conversation from price to value, which starts with incorporating Pearl into your discussions with your prospects.

There’s an art to introducing homeowners to Pearl Certification without overwhelming them with information. Below, we’ve listed our value propositions with suggestions on how to effectively use them to build trust while relaying the value of working with an elite Pearl Contractor.

1. Your Elite Status

FACT: Pearl Certification does not accept every contractor into the Pearl Network. Pearl only admits the top-rated U.S. contractors, who are vetted for superior customer service history, business best practices, organizational commitment to quality, and technical thought leadership within their specific field. Because you have earned this esteemed recognition, you should highlight your elite status!

Promoting Your Status in Your Pitch

“Mr. Homeowner, I understand that it’s important to you to work with a reputable company that provides high-quality, reliable upgrades. I know it’s difficult to sift through all of the companies competing for your business. One of the things that separates us from the competition is that we are qualified through the elite Pearl Contractor Network. What that means for you is that all of the work we complete in your home is certified by a third-party, who has vetted our superior customer service and commitment to quality and best business practices. This provides you validation so you KNOW that you are receiving the highest quality service and equipment available. Does that feel as if it might be what you’re looking for?”

2. Documented Value

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is obtaining appropriate valuations of the investments they have made in their homes with energy-efficient and high-performing upgrades. As part of the elite Pearl Network, your customers will receive a Pearl Certification report for each project you complete, effectively documenting the value of the equipment you install. Pearl’s Certification report authenticates the details of the work you complete and translates that work into investment-grade documentation that the homeowner can use to maximize the home’s appraisal or price when the time comes to sell or refinance.

Bolster Your Pitch with Third-Party Certification

“Mrs. Homeowner, you said you aren’t sure about how long you will remain in your home, giving you doubt that purchasing a new Product/service will give you a strong return on your investment. Well, one of the benefits of working with us is that you will receive a Pearl Certification and Appraisal Addendum for every project we install. These provide third-party certification and documentation of the value added to your home. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll also receive a full marketing package for your realtor to promote your home’s high-performing assets to potential buyers. This not only enables you to maximize your home’s appraisal and sales price, but it also helps you receive a high return on your investment. Does that sound like something you could benefit from since you’re considering moving in the next few years?”

These are just two “short and sweet” ways to leverage your partnership with Pearl in your sales conversations, while not overwhelming the prospect with information. Each example sales pitch takes roughly 30-60 seconds and succinctly highlights the benefits of working with an elite Pearl Network Contractor and the value brought to the prospect by YOU!

So, take these talk tracks, practice them, make them your own, and have FUN sharing your amazing professional accomplishments with your prospects. Your dedicated Success Team is here to help with your sales training, collateral, preparation, and incorporating Pearl into your pitch!


Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.