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Pearl Network Contractor partners are among the best of the best when it comes to quality, customer service, best business practices, and workmanship, but what about sales? As Success Advisor for Pearl’s Contractor Division, my job is to teach your sales teams how to market Pearl. I work with our contractor partners’ sales teams every day, and although every contractor excels in their respective area of expertise, they have varying degrees of success with educating their customers about Pearl.

The primary reason seems to be a misconception held by some that Pearl is a “silver bullet.” Too often, sales teams expect that they can walk into a prospect’s home, tell them they are a Pearl Network Contractor, and the homeowner is immediately sold. Unfortunately, there are no “silver bullets” in sales. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But not to worry — today we will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of including Pearl’s value into your sales discussions.

Don’t use Pearl’s value proposition as the “main act” in your sales pitch. In other words, when you start talking about Pearl and how great it is, you can inadvertently create sales resistance from your prospect. Oftentimes, the prospect will wonder, or even flat-out ask, why you’re talking about another company when they expect to hear about your company. This can derail the sales conversation as it can raise more questions from the homeowner than provide answers.

Do use Pearl as a supporting role. Anyone who has attended my Pearl Sales Training has undoubtedly heard me say, “You will very rarely hear me mention the word ‘Pearl’ in my sales pitch.” You will, however, hear me highlight the great things about YOUR business and use Pearl as a value proposition. For example, a value proposition may sound something like this: “Mr./Ms. Homeowner, one of the things that separates us from the rest is that we are backed by a national firm that certifies high-performing homes. What that means for you is that it’s not just ME saying how great we are, but a third party that certifies the work we do in your home so you KNOW that your new equipment will be of the highest quality and will perform as promised.”

Don’t “oversell” Pearl. Sometimes, sales professionals will have a far greater understanding of the value you provide through your partnerships, such as with Pearl. However, overselling Pearl or the certification the homeowner will receive can confuse your prospect and leave them wondering what all of this is about.

Do sell yourself and your company. Your business earned admittance into the Pearl Network because of your track record of consistent, wonderful work. That is what your prospects want to hear about. When you are discussing the value propositions, those should be centered around you and the great work that you have done that earned you an invitation into this network. Consider saying something like, “One of the best things about working with us is we are third-party vetted, based on our superior customer, quality, and business best practices. What that means is in addition to all of our guarantees, you are also provided with a nationally recognized certification so you know that your investment is protected and will be considered in the equity value of your home when you go to sell or refinance.”

Don’t drop your price to beat a competing bid. Believe it or not, price is rarely the deciding factor in sales, especially when your homeowners learn and understand the value you bring. Consumers may indicate or even say they want the best price, and they likely do want the best price. However, the price tag of your system or service is directly related to the value that you bring. Dropping your price will also devalue your business in the eyes of your prospect.

Do validate your price through value propositions, such as Pearl Certification. There is a reason you are a Pearl Network Contractor, and it’s because you are an elite business within your respective trade, not because you are the cheapest game in town. The best way to validate your pricing and justify the higher cost is to simply explain where the value lies. For example, you can candidly relay to your customers who are hung up on price: “Because of the high-performing equipment we use and the quality of our work, each project we install will not only be custom fit to your home/needs but will also be certified. The investment you make in your new system comes with documentation that allows you to recoup some of that investment when you sell or refinance your home. Does that help bring a better understanding of our pricing?” Helping your homeowners understand that they are making an investment into their home and not simply purchasing a piece of equipment will move prospects closer to justifying, in their minds, why working with you has added value.

As you can see, there are a number of value propositions that come with your Pearl partnership, but the main value is YOU and the work YOU do. Pearl is just the icing on the cake. So, when you are speaking with your homeowners and are leveraging the value of this partnership, ensure you are selling you and your business, using Pearl as a supporting role (not the “silver bullet” or “main act”), and validate your pricing through the value propositions we have discussed here today. Happy selling!


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