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More often than not, the driving force that makes someone pull the trigger on a job is comfort, health, and safety. But you never get to that table if you don’t economically justify it first. Pearl has filled this void really well. Pearl Certification helps shift it into an investment – to being an asset versus a cost..”

John Kane

Home Energy Expert, Allied Energy

John Kane, a home solutions expert with Allied Energy in New Jersey, has identified five core concerns among the homeowners he works with: durability, comfort, health, safety, and value. In his experience, his customers chiefly want to be comfortable, but recommended improvements also have to make economic sense.

Allied Energy is a home performance company with a unique mission to build healthier communities by improving the health, safety, and efficiency of a concentration of homes. This promotes affordable home ownership, healthier and more durable homes, and helps protect the environment.

“We’re focused on giving back to our communities; it’s very unique,” John said. “We’re not your typical contractor.” By focusing on a community, not just individual homes, Allied improves the health and wealth of an entire neighborhood.

“We’re a home performance company at heart: we offer whole home solutions. Most people take advantage of this through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR certification. But we’re in the process of rapid expansion beyond this to think about what else and what other programs can do,” John said.

One such program is Pearl. Allied joined the Pearl Contractor Advantage Network in 2017 and has been certifying all the homes that they improve since January 2018.

“Pearl filled the void we were seeing in the market. Finally, something that bridges the gap between real estate and the home performance industry. We know this is good for the house and make it more desirable, but we had no way to communicate that until Pearl. Now we’re not just closing with Pearl, we’re opening the door with Pearl.”
John Kane
Home Energy Expert, Allied Energy

“We promote a high level of awareness and engagement, and explore opportunities to expand the durability, comfort, health, safety, and value of the home,” John said, referring to the five core concerns he hears from his customers. Allied takes pride in educating homeowners on concepts of home performance and advocates for them to get the most funding possible for selected measures.

“The economics have got to make sense from an energy efficiency perspective. People say, OK, this will save money. Then we look at leveraging what programs speak not only to health and safety but also comfort and building durability and, ultimately, the preservation of the value and asset that is their home.”

The component of value is what brings Pearl into the conversation. “We now have something legitimate to put on the table that says, we can help you do that. Pearl is part of that education process,” John said.

Pearl helps Allied’s homeowners recapture the value of their investment in improvements. And Allied will be using Pearl’s new Home Investment Plan as a way to educate customers about the value of a range of whole-house solutions.

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