Pearl Certification, the City of Phoenix, APS and Resnet have teamed up to help Phoenix homeowners reach a new level of energy efficiency, environmental responsibility – and home value.

Whether your home is about to go on the market or you want to get the most out of it for years to come, it’s time to get Pearl Certification. We assess your home’s high-performing features and translate its overall performance into value. You get investment-grade documentation and a suite of tools to capture this increased value when the time comes to refinance or sell.

I was six months into a listing without a lot of activity. I decided to refresh the listing with a Pearl Certification Report and a Pearl Marketing Package. In less than ten days of marketing with Pearl, I received a full price offer. According to the buyer's agent, the buyers could trust the home's high quality, energy-saving benefits because of its third-party certification. The house sold because of Pearl.

Larry Feiner Real Estate Agent, HomeSmart Arrowhead — Glendale, Arizona

5% More!

Properly marketed Pearl Certified homes sell for 5% more on average. 

If your home is worth $250,000, Pearl Certification could mean an extra $12,500 in your pocket.

Homeowners and Pearl

Pearl Certification is the national standard for high-performing homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy and saving energy.

Real Estate Pros and Pearl

Real estate agents who are members of the Pearl Network are ready to help you increase your home’s appraisal value and get the best price on the market. Pearl Agents understand how to identify and showcase your home’s high-performing features buyers will pay more for, such as insulation, solar, and efficient heating and cooling systems.

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Pearl Contractors are ranked in the top 5% of all US contractors for quality and expertise. 

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You’re doing something to benefit yourself, your family and your city.
Pearl and the City of Phoenix are working toward important carbon reduction goals through energy efficiency. 

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