Engage past customers and earn extra revenue with

Pearl Retro-Certifications

Would you like new ways to:

  • Engage past customers
  • Get referrals from past customers
  • Encourage your customers to renew maintenance contracts

Use Pearl Retro-Certification to:

  • Inspire your past maintenance customers to sign up with you again!
  • Remind the customers about the issues you identified during the emergency changeouts, but the customer wasn’t ready to address.
  • Increase the marketability of your customer’s home – with Pearl Certification and with your customer service bonus.
  • Gain referrals and fans for life!

Your Customer

Collect and
Enter Data

Pearl Sends Certification
to Happy Customer

Sticky Customer Relationship

Follow these 3 easy steps and begin engaging  past customers:

  1. Pick and match the template with your customer’s needs to help them increase the marketability and value of their home.
  2. Replace the placeholders in the text
  3. Email your past customers!

HELPFUL EMAIL CAMPAIGN TIPS: Email mid-week, before 10am or after 8pm, two (+) weeks before a major holiday or 5 days after.

Start engaging past customers today!

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