Capture the value of your solar and sustainable investment

Why Go Solar?

Reduce your electric bill

Reduce your electric bill and avoid electricity rate increases

sustainable lifestyle

Enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle

Support local jobs

Support local jobs

Increase property value

Increase your home’s property value

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Take advantage of solar tax incentives before they expire

We can help!

Unlike efficiency which reduces energy use, a solar system produces energy which is why we created a Pearl Solar Certification. Only Pearl Contractors can offer these third-party verified home certifications. 

Pearl Contractors are the best in the business. It shows in their professional reputations, excellent reviews, and satisfied customers.

Pearl Contractors not only make solar improvements to your home, they also help you capture the value of your investment when you sell or refinance.

Pearl certifies the work of its elite Contractors and provides official documentation to real estate agents and appraisers.

It’s simple. Just follow these steps to solar success!

The Right Solar Contractor

Step 1

Choose the right solar contractor

Pearl Advantage solar contractors are part of an elite group vetted by Pearl. They use top-of-the-line equipment and installation methods. Their work is also independently verified.

Contact us to find the right contractor

Outstanding customer service

Step 2

Enjoy outstanding customer service

Pearl Advantage solar contractors are experts at permitting and installing solar PV systems. Their priority is giving you a quality customer experience.

Add value to your home

Step 3

Add value to your home

Only Pearl Advantage contractor can certify their work, allowing you to capitalize on the value of your investment. Pearl will send you a Pearl Certification Report and a special Appraisal Addendum along with information about how you can enhance your home’s value when refinancing or selling.

Marketing materials

Step 4

Market your certified home when it’s time to sell or refinance

Submit your Pearl Certification Report and special Appraisal Addendum to your real estate agent and appraiser to ensure your home is properly valued.

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