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Pearl Certification provides a clear, simple path to joining the Pearl Network to help you start winning more deals and upselling more faster.

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High-Performing Homes Deserve the Right Mortgage

High-Performing homes cost less to operate than homes built to code, which makes their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower than less energy-efficient homes.

That’s why Pearl Certification partnered with TCO Consulting to introduce TCO®-flex, a one-of-a-kind software designed to analyze and compare mortgages by Total Cost of Ownership. Don’t be penalized for spending more to build a high-performing home; be rewarded for investing in a home that costs less to operate.

Hear what Pearl Network Builders have to say

Howard Building Science

Watch the video to see how Pearl Certification helps Howard Building Science highlight the benefits of their high-performing homes to homebuyers and promote the home's features that make it better than the average home built to code.

What do we look for in high-quality builders?

  • An established business with a positive reputation.
  • Team training and staff development processes.
  • Quality control and commitment to support customers after the sale.
  • An online presence.
  • A registered commercial work location.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pearl helps a builder stand out from the crowd and win more leads. In fact, about 80% of surveyed homeowners say that a business’ ability to offer Pearl Certification influences them to hire that company.

Pearl Certification provides objective validation of the quality work and service processes your company provides. Pearl Network Builders differentiate their work from competitors by showing how their quality work relates to captured home equity. Only Pearl Network members can offer Pearl Certification to their homeowner clients.

Pearl Certification provides third-party validation of Network Builders' work, clearly communicating the increased home equity supported by investment-grade documentation. By shifting the conversation from price to value, builders close more sales because homeowners focus on the investment they are making in their home.

Pearl proudly works in partnership with industry leaders

Join the Pearl Network.

A Pearl Certification provides third-party validation of your superior work and quantifies the value you bring to a home. When you offer your customers this powerful benefit, the conversation shifts from price to value.