Executive Team

Our executive team are subject matter experts who lead a top-notch crew of service-oriented professionals.

Staff - Cynthia Adams

Cynthia Adams

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Every home has a story — just like the family that lives in it. My education on how a house can impact your life began quite personally, with a family member who developed asthma like symptoms after moving in to our “new” home that had moisture issues and sketchy ventilation. Whether it’s a health, comfort, or a high bill issue — we don’t have to just “put up with” our homes. With Pearl, I get a chance to help owners of existing homes upgrade what they’ve got into the comfortable, high performing, and affordable to operate home they deserve.”

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Staff - AC Capehart

AC Capehart

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

"Whether it’s safety testing vehicle autonomy or helping incident responders on the front lines of cyber-defense, it’s important to me that the technology I create serve humanity. Pearl Certification grants me the opportunity to promote home improvements that not only increase the comfort of those who make them, but to reap financial rewards as well. It’s truly win-win!”

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Staff - Robin LeBaron

Robin LeBaron

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

“My passion is changing buildings in ways that transform lives. I spent fifteen years renovating New York City properties and I saw first-hand how the transition from a badly maintained building to a properly upgraded one can change a family’s life. Pearl gives everyone the tools they need to understand and make these changes to their homes. Pearl creates a way for each homeowner to recapture some of the value of their investments in a high-performing home when they sell or refinance.”

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Meet the Team.

Our social and business goals are based on our commitment to make the planet a better place. We believe that humans have the right and responsibility to be better stewards of the earth, and we strive to help show how that is possible. We believe in the fundamental freedom and equality of humans, and we strive to contribute to developing ways to live together in peace, siblinghood and mutual support.

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