Executive Team

Our Executive Team members are subject matter experts who lead a top-notch crew of service-oriented professionals.

Cynthia Adams Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Division Leaders

Our Division Leaders ensure Pearl Certification's key audiences receive the support and services they need to be successful in the high-performing homes industry.

Amy Beley Vice President, Public-Private Partnerships Division
Kevin Hunt Vice President Industry Partnerships Division
David Maruna Vice President, New Construction Division
Casey Murphy Senior Vice President of Business Incubation

Meet the team.

Our social and business goals are based on our commitment to make the planet a better place. We believe that humans have the right and responsibility to be better stewards of the earth, and we strive to help show how that is possible. We believe in the fundamental freedom and equality of humans, and we strive to contribute to developing ways to live together in peace, siblinghood and mutual support.

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Lindsay Bachman Director of Network Engagement and Communications Contractor Division
Justin Beck Senior Software Engineer Homeowner Division
Corey Bressler Residential Energy Efficiency Program Specialist Corporate Division
Ben Bunker Director of Programs Public-Private Partnerships Division
Kat Cahill Marketing Director Public-Private Partnerships Division
Deanna Cioppa Marketing Director Homeowner Division
John Costello Senior Certification Process Manager Corporate Division
Jennifer Desrosiers Data Operations Manager Contractor Division
Alexia Doumbouya Success Relationship Manager Contractor Division
Luke Duran Technical Product Manager Corporate Division
Kelly Dworsky Success Coordinator Contractor Division
Marlo Fedeli Success Relationship Manager Contractor Division
Stephanie Fleites Recruiter Corporate Division
Nathan Gee Customer Experience Manager Homeowner Division
Kerry Harp Senior Sustainability Analyst Corporate Division
Claudia Behring
Claudia Huskamp Operations Manager Homeowner Division
April Jacobs Executive Assistant to CEO Corporate Division
Caprice Johnson Marketing Manager Real Estate Division
Abby's photo
Abby Karp Data Operations Manager Contractor Division
Pete Klaass Sales Executive, Contractor Division Contractor Division
Jaxston Kyle Pic
Jaxston Kyle Success Relationship Manager Contractor Division
May Liao Sales Operations Assistant Contractor Division
Lisa Lloyd Sales Coordinator Contractor Division
Tahisha Marquez Business Systems Integrations Manager Corporate Division
Henry Michels Software Engineer Homeowner Division
Donovan Mosley Product Manager Homeowner Division
Bethany Profaizer Senior Sales Executive Contractor Division
Kate Romanov Operations Manager Real Estate Division
Kerri Roy Data Operations Manager Contractor Division
Nisa Schmitz Content Manager Corporate Division
Ryan Smith Success Advisor Contractor Division
David Taylor UI/UX Designer Homeowner Division
Laara van Loben Sels Sales Executive Contractor Division
John White
John White Director of Success Contractor Division
Photo of Titilayo Yasukawa
Titilayo "Titi" Yasukawa Executive Assistant Corporate Division
Elishah Yehudah People Services Generalist Corporate Division