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What is the Pearl Advantage?

More sales and revenue

Customers who understand quality

Lifetime customer relationships

Does Pearl fit your firm?

Do you…

  • Do high-quality work?
  • Want customers who understand why quality is important?
  • Want your installations to increase your customers’ home values?

If you answered yes you’re ready for the Pearl Advantage!

FAQs About Pearl
  1. How many contractors in my market area will be able to join the Pearl Advantage Network?Pearl invites only the best contractors in any market to join the Advantage Network. In a large metro market, there should be roughly 3-5 contractors with the same trade in the Network. This allows customers to choose within an exclusive group.
  2. How do I know that Pearl Certification adds value to my customers’ homes?Pearl commissioned a nationally-recognized expert on valuing energy efficient properties to lead a study on how Pearl Certified homes are priced. The research team found that Pearl Certified homes sell for 5% more than comparable, non-certified homes, if the homes are marketed as Pearl certified.
  3. Do Advantage Network contractors have opportunities to work with Pearl’s real estate network?Yes, Pearl is developing strategies to encourage collaboration between Pearl Partner real estate agents and Advantage Network contractors. We are currently piloting an approach for real estate agents to give new homebuyers a closing gift of a free home consultation from a Network Contractor.
  4. Do I have to make a commitment to join the Contractor Advantage Network for a certain period of time?Contractors are free to leave the Advantage Network with one month’s notice.
  5. What is Pearl Certification and how did it start?Pearl was founded by experts in energy efficiency and contracting who saw the need for a market-based approach for supporting and promoting contractors who do high-quality work that improve a home’s energy efficiency and performance. More information can be found here.

“Pearl helps us stand apart from our competition by giving our customers the peace of mind that our energy efficiency and solar installations will increase re-sale value.”

– Jon Proffitt, Director of Business Development, Sigora Solar

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