Make the value of your work visible

The Pearl Certification System assigns points to features based on how much they contribute to a home’s performance. 

High-quality installation of a feature — like the work you do — earns more points than low-quality installation. The total number of points earned determines which level of Pearl Certification it achieves.

We offer a separate Solar Certification to document solar, inverter and battery installations.

For both certification types, our report and completed appraisal addendum provides appraisers what they need to translate the install into home value. When their homes appraise for more, your customers will know that your installation was the deciding factor.

Understand the ins and outs of our scoring system
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Added value – without added burden

Contractors in the Pearl Network sell a job using Pearl’s marketing tools to advance your brand and provide buyer confidence in your upsell. Because Pearl’s Network is exclusive, it will help you out-compete low-quality competitors.

You follow your normal installation process — and do what you do best.

Pearl reviews and issues the certification and certification report to you and your customer.

Pearl’s Home Investment Plan and our Green Door app help you remarket to your customers to get full lifetime value from the relationship

You’ll thank yourself later

See if you qualify

Make the smart investment in your business – join the Pearl Network. You’ll gain tools and support to continuously build your reputation, advance your brand and increase your revenue.