About Pearl

Pearl Certification changes the game for your value as a contractor.

When you are accepted into the elite Pearl Network, you stand out from low-quality contractors, increase the value you bring to homeowners, and make your value visible to them. This is a sure way to help you shift the conversation from price to value.

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You continually invest in your business.

Pearl Certification is the way to maximize your return. We only accept the top contractors into our network — those with an exceptional record of quality and service. As a Pearl Network Contractor, you can say with confidence that every job is third-party certified and verified. You will also have access to a curated success strategy and customized resources that align with your goals. With Pearl, you’ll continue building your reputation, advancing your expertise, and expanding your customer base — from now on.

Pearl has become a real differentiator for us. Our comfort consultants use it on every job. The ability to leverage the fact that our work is Pearl Certified is helping us close more deals.

Paul Kelly, CEO and Owner of Parker and Sons.
Paul Kelly President — Parker & Sons

How Certification Works

A Pearl Certification Report showcases information about a home's high-performing features - the features that generate and/or store energy and make a home more healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient. The high-performing features that appear in a Pearl Certification Report fall into five categories.

*Point values for each category are customized for specific climate zones.

Orb Purple

Building Shell

Possible 300 points*

Orb Blue

Heating & Cooling

Possible 360 points*

Orb Pink


Possible 240 points*

Orb Green

Home Management

300 points*

Orb Solar

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

The solar panels, inverters, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers

The power of partnership

Pearl acts as a bridge between a host of organizations that play important roles in transforming our nation’s housing market and empowering homeowners. Pearl proudly partners with:

Contractor Qualification

Superior customer service and value

Proven through your online ratings, Better Business Bureau history, and strategic, well-developed approach to serving customers and solving problems

Business best practices

Indicated by proper licenses, internal processes, permits and relationships with subcontractors and industry organizations

Organizational commitment to quality

Expressed through the opportunities you provide for your workforce – continuous education, product training, safety training, and more

Technical and thought leadership in your field

Demonstrated through your engagement in industry associations, commitment to emerging trends, and adherence to trade-specific qualifications


Pearl Certification and You

Pearl Certification boasts the fastest growing Contractor Network providing exclusive market differentiation to help you sell higher margin goods and services, close more deals, and re-market to existing customers. Contractors nationwide are keeping their sales people and their customers happy by providing Pearl’s value-added services, with limited exclusivity in their service area.

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You continually invest in growing your business. 

Becoming part of the elite Pearl Contractor Network is the way to maximize your return from now on. 

Only contractors in the Pearl Network are authorized to offer Pearl Certification — and only contractors who have demonstrated exceptional quality and service are accepted into the network. Call 1.844.PEARLØØ or complete the form to learn more about joining.