Pearl Certification provides investment-grade documentation for solar, heating, cooling, and plumbing installations to help homes appraise for more.

We invite the top U.S. HVAC, home performance, and solar contractors to join our elite Pearl Network. Only Pearl Contractors can offer homeowners Pearl Certification.


Pearl Certification and You

Pearl Certification boasts the fastest growing Contractor Network providing exclusive market differentiation to help you sell higher margin goods and services, close more deals, and re-market to existing customers. Contractors nationwide are keeping their sales people and their customers happy by providing Pearl’s value-added services, with limited exclusivity in their service area.

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Take your business to the next level with Pearl Certification

Build relationships & repeat engagement

Making your value visible helps you expand your customer base by building lifetime customer relationships and securing more referrals.

Stand out from the competition

Give your customers more value with Pearl’s third-party validation of your work. You’ll earn their trust by giving them the confidence that comes with every job being third-party certified.

Increase your revenue

Being part of the elite Pearl Contractor Network can help you close more leads and increase margins.

Enjoy the full benefits of the Pearl/NCI partnership

When you join the Pearl Network, you make an important investment in your business — and you will have a very visible return.

  • 2% in NCI Training Bucks on monthly Contractor Network fees

As a Pearl Network Contractor and NCI member, you’ll have ongoing access to all the training, marketing tools and support you need to continue building your reputation, advancing your expertise and expanding your customer base. Homeowners will clearly see the value you bring to their projects, from now on.

Contractor qualifications

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Explore the Pearl Certification Report

The Pearl Certification Report showcases information about a home’s high-performing features that generate and/or store energy and make a home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. 

Not your average certification

Pearl Certification changes the game for home value, making it visible today and decades from now. This is how we accomplish our mission – to improve the health, comfort, efficiency and resilience of America’s housing stock.