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Silver Certification 2023

Multiple levels of Pearl Certification

Any home is an investment, but a Pearl Certified energy-efficient home is special. It’s an investment you can count on to pay dividends. Rest at ease knowing your family’s well-being is protected and your home will perform like you want it to for the long term. When it’s time to sell or refinance, your home’s increased value will be evident to buyers and appraisers alike.

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Pearl Certification App

This app is at the heart of how Pearl Contractors and other Pearl professionals serve homeowners. It puts our scoring system and database at their fingertips and generates Pearl Certification Reports, as well as Pearl Home Investment PlansTM. This means ease for the professionals and third-party quality assurance for homeowners.

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Pearl Certification Report

Homeowners receive this report as part of the certification process. In it, we provide third-party verification of existing and newly upgraded features, describe those features’ functions, and provide the unique service of translating home performance into home value. We include verified information captured in the Appraisal Institute’s Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum, which helps appraisers assign value for energy-efficient and solar features.

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Home Investment Plan

This roadmap helps homeowners prioritize improvements to maximize their return on investment, enhance their family’s well-being, grow their energy efficiency — and achieve a certified home. The Home Investment Plan provides specific information on what to improve, why those improvements are important, and when it makes sense to do them.

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Green Door App

This is a homeowner’s one-stop shop to learn about, manage, maintain, and improve their home’s performance. The Green Door app empowers homeowners to understand the details of assets they currently have in their home, receive recommendations on improvements, find Pearl Contractors and Real Estate Agents, keep track of their home’s maintenance, find rebates, and more.

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The Inflation Reduction Act Rebates Calculator

Pearl's Inflation Reduction Act Rebates Calculator helps homeowners find THOUSANDS in savings for energy-efficient home upgrades!
All you have to do is enter your address, income, and household size to discover exactly how much money you're eligible to save through IRA tax credits and rebates. Calculate your savings today!

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The Pearl Solar Equity Calculator®

Contractors and appraisers use this app to help better demonstrate the value solar installations can add to a home. The Pearl Solar Equity Calculator is the industry's first tool to calculate discounted cash flow using certified contractor data, NREL software to calculate solar production numbers, and an API to Freddie Mac's 30-year mortgage rate.

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Certification Marketing Package

This package helps Pearl Real Estate Agents differentiate high-performing homes on the market. It supplies materials that highlight home features online (e.g., in the MLS) as well as in person, including:

  • Green MLS fields report to assist agents in properly listing high-performing homes
  • Social media content to promote these homes via the agent’s platform(s) of choice
  • Printed Home Tour Cards and a highlights flyer to be used during open house
  • Customized letters for buyers, lenders and appraisers to help them accurately value homes based on their high-performing features.
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One of the best ways I have found to tell a home's unique story is to display the Pearl marketing packet at showings making sure that Pearl Certification is in full view.

Linda Cambi CBR Licensed Salesperson — Century 21 American Homes

HpHUB CaaS for Builders

HpHUB, powered by Pearl Certification, offers builders a suite of services to manage high-performing home (HPH) third-party certifications. As the first national HPH CaaS (certification as a service), HpHUB organizes certifications for all major systems and products in the home, features customized marketing support, provides an ongoing living home certification through the award-winning Green Door app, and more!

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