The easiest way to deliver what homeowners want

Build trust.

For most people, their home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. Put their minds at ease with third-party certification that captures the value of your work and helps them build equity.

Provide better value.

A Pearl Certification captures the value your work adds to a home, and our incentives tools help your customers save big up front. They see a higher return on their investment, and you make a customer for life.

Win competitive bids.

Set yourself apart during the most important part of the sales cycle — the kitchen table conversation. Reduce cost sensitivity by helping your customers find easy paths to savings.


Pearl's Suite of Solutions

Certification and the Cert App

Pearl Certification is the gold standard for energy-efficient home features. Combine with one of our savings tools to build trust and lower cost sensitivity up front. Once the job is done, capture the value of your work and help your customer earn a return on their investment.

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Overview Incentives Hub Desktop Overview Incentives Hub Mobile
Incentives Hub Logo Horizontal Color

Attract, qualify, and convert more customers with IncentivesHub — a first-of-its-kind embeddable tool that helps homeowners find home energy rebates, tax credits, and your own discounts — right on your website.

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The Pearl Inflation Reduction Act Rebates Calculator

Become a trusted expert. Simplify the Inflation Reduction Act and show your prospects how much they can save when they stack incentives with this robust and embeddable calculator.

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Overview Solar Equity Desktop Overview Solar Equity Mobile

The Pearl Solar Equity Calculator®

Shift the conversation from cost to value. Show your solar prospects the return they can expect on their investment in added home equity, and never be undercut again.

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