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At Pearl Certification, we provide homeowners with the tools they need to improve their home’s health, comfort, efficiency, resilience, and value. We empower homeowners to lead their own home improvement journey through our award-winning Green Door app. This tool provides you with everything you need to know to improve your home’s performance and achieve Pearl Certification. We continually update Green Door to deliver the best user experience possible, and we are excited to announce our latest enhancements:

    Green Door Asset Update

    Your home improvement journey begins with logging your home’s assets, such as refrigerators, insulation, and heating systems, in Green Door. Depending on the asset, Pearl Certification may recommend improving it or replacing it. If the asset is high-performing, it will earn you points toward achieving Pearl Certification. Now, logging your home’s assets is easier than ever through three simple steps:

    1. Select an asset category.
    2. Select the asset type.
    3. Upload a photo of the asset and log the details.

    Check the Asset’s Status

    After submitting an asset, a member of our team will verify the information submitted and award points toward your home’s certification status. You can now easily check the status of pending assets, as well as view a log of previously submitted assets and points earned on the new Request Status page of Green Door.

    If more information is required, a warning icon will appear next to the respective asset to alert you that additional information is requested. Simplifying this communication process will significantly reduce the time needed for an asset to be verified, bringing you closer to your home performance goals faster.

    At a Glance

    The “My Assets” section now features improved iconography, making it easier to understand the asset categories at a glance.

    My Pearl Score

    On the Green Door Dashboard, the “My Pearl Score” gauge more clearly communicates your home’s Pearl Certification status and what it will take to advance your certification level.

    Improved Navigation

    Exploring Green Door is also easier than ever! We have simplified the navigation so now you always know right where you are and how to navigate to where you started.

    Log in to Green Door today to check out the new and improved Update Assets section and to prioritize your home improvement projects. There are many steps to achieving Pearl Certification, but Green Door provides you with the map to get there.

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