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Of the seven contractor companies that earned Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Contractor of the Year — Sustained Excellence honors, five belong to Pearl Certification’s elite Contractor Network. The winning contractors within the Pearl Network include EDGE Energy, Green Team LI, Home Energy Medics, Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation, and Wise Home Energy.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program honors businesses that make outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy achievements.

“Only a small number of elite contractors with a record of high-quality work and customer service are accepted into the elite Pearl Network,” said Pearl Co-founder and President Robin LeBaron. “We are incredibly proud of these ENERGY STAR award-winning Pearl customers and are confident that our work together will bring the Southwest and East Coast regions healthy, comfortable, and energy-saving benefits for years to come.”

Pearl Certification reviews companies' licenses and permits, business operations, online ratings, commitment to professional development, and industry involvement to admit only the top U.S. contractors into its elite Pearl Network. By providing third-party certification of the Pearl Network's work, Pearl Certification helps shift homeowners' focus from price to value.

“We have a terrific team with a common goal — help our clients correct problems to improve their home’s comfort, efficiency, and the health of the air they breathe and thus bring them a better quality of life in their home,” said Scott Donelson, President/Managing Director of Home Energy Medics. “It is fantastic to be recognized for our continued quality of work.”

As leaders in the energy-efficiency industry, ENERGY STAR Award Winners excel in the development and execution of strategies to provide substantial savings to homeowners.

“This huge accomplishment is truly a testament to the commitment and dedication of our staff, who strive to reduce climate change while helping New York homeowners save money through energy efficiency,” said Jay Best, Owner of Green Team LI.

The efforts of these esteemed organizations directly contribute to reduced emissions and a healthier environment.

“We are excited to be recognized for our continuing dedication to quality work, energy efficiency, and whole home solutions for HVAC, comfort, and energy independence,” said Elena Chrimat, Co-owner, Ideal Air Conditioning and Insulation.

The ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year — Sustained Excellence award is the highest honor bestowed by the EPA to contractors. Jeff Flaherty, owner of Wise Home Energy, said his company isn’t the biggest HVAC contracting company, but they work hard to be the best at what they do.

Even with thousands of companies competing for the honor, four of the five winning contractors have won ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year honors for multiple, consecutive years.

"The EDGE team is excited to be recognized for our third consecutive Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: Contractor of the Year — Sustained Excellence award by the Department of Energy,” said Jason Dispenza, owner of EDGE Energy.

The contractors credit Pearl Certification, the national high-performing home standard, with differentiating their companies from the competition.

“We continue to use Pearl Home Certification as a differentiator over our competition and part of the value proposition we bring to the table,” said Donelson. “Homeowners like the Pearl documentation to show their house has greater value, and offering this has helped us close more deals.”

Pearl provides third-party certification of the work performed by the contractors who earn admittance into its elite network.

“The top contractors in the country who work above and beyond have our work third-party certified by Pearl,” said Vicki Wells, Operations Manager at Home Energy Medics. “This translates to a real and tangible benefit for our clients whose homes are then Energy Rated, certified, and valued at between 3% and 8% higher than comparable houses in their area. This is a gift we give to our clients if they choose to work with us. In fact, this is one of the first things we tell folks when they call on us. It’s a true honor to be a Pearl Contractor and a blessing to be able to offer this benefit to our clients.”

Pearl Certification quantifies the value of a home’s high-performing assets, enabling homeowners to recoup some of the cost of their investment that may otherwise be excluded from the appraisal process at the time of sale.

“We use Pearl to build value for homeowners by certifying all of the homes we upgrade in order to help capture the value of energy-efficiency improvements that generally are forgotten about during the appraisal process,” said Chrimat.

The award-winning contractors appreciate Pearl Certification not only for the services and support the company brings to their business, but also for the benefits they bring to their customers.

“Our partnership with Pearl has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of maximizing the benefit of home energy efficiency for our customers,” said Best. “Just as ENERGY STAR has awarded us for our efforts, we feel that a Pearl Certification represents an award given to our customer for efforts in making their home more environmentally friendly.”

About ENERGY STAR: ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make well-informed decisions. Thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state, and local organizations — including nearly 40% of the Fortune 500® — partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deliver cost-saving energy efficiency solutions that protect the climate while improving air quality and protecting public health. Since 1992, ENERGY STAR and its partners have helped American families and businesses save 5 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, avoid more than $500 billion in energy costs, and achieve 4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions. Over the lifetime of the program, every dollar EPA has spent on ENERGY STAR resulted in nearly $350 in energy cost savings for American business and households. In 2020 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans save more than 520 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and avoid $42 billion in energy costs.

About Pearl: Pearl Certification is a national firm that qualifies an elite network of home service professionals and certifies high-performing homes. They enable home sellers to capture the value of their investments and buyers to find the homes they want. 



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