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Pearl announces the launch of its Green Door web app, the virtual entryway to manage, maintain, and improve a home's energy efficient performance. Pearl is partnering with homeowners, contractors, and real estate professionals to set the global standard in high-ROI home improvements and energy efficient performance.

Pearl showcases home features that matter most to buyers - features that make the home more comfortable, healthier, and affordable to operate. Pearl Certification drives demand for home improvements like efficient heating and cooling systems, solar, and smart home devices by capturing their value for resale and appraisal.

Pearl qualifies a network of contractors who improve home performance, and real estate professionals who ensure these homes are properly marketed and valued when sold. When marketed correctly, Pearl Certified homes can add five percent or more to a home's sale price.

"The biggest benefit we bring to homeowners is a tool to understand their home's performance and actionable knowledge on how to improve it," said Cynthia Adams, CEO and co-founder of Pearl Certification. "Green Door has always been an integral part of Pearl's vision to empower homeowners and connect them to high-quality service professionals."

Designed to inform and simplify the homeowner journey, Green Door provides homeowners easy access to Pearl Professionals, a tracking system for improvement records and detailed information about their Pearl Certification. Green Door elevates the home living experience and makes home value visible.

"We are empowering homeowners to create high-performing homes," said Rachel Davis, Pearl's Vice President of Product. "Before Green Door, homeowners who received their Pearl Certification would contact us asking what they could do next to improve their homes. Likewise, contractors and real estate agents wanted to provide lifetime value to their homeowners. Pearl Certification created the Green Door platform to meet the needs of homeowners and better equip the professionals who serve them."

Pearl Certification gives homeowners the tools to improve their homes' health, comfort, efficiency, resilience — and value. With Green Door, Pearl Certification has never been so accessible.

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Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.