Market Transformation and the Inflation Reduction Act

What States Need to Know

  • Each state must submit a Market Transformation Plan within the first year of receiving financial assistance.

  • DOE approval is required before receiving the third tranche of funds.

  • Pearl is equipped to help states in the creation and implementation of their market transformation plans.

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What You'll Find in This Resource Library

Insights from Industry Leaders

Market Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities for States

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Three Barriers to Market Transformation and How Pearl's Certification Addresses Them

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Energy-Efficient Upgrades and Home Equity: How to Avoid Unintended Consequences in Low-Income Communities

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Painless, Inexpensive Market Transformation and the Inflation Reduction Act Residential Rebate Programs

The Green Podcast Primary

PODCAST: The Ecosystem Tied to High-Performing Homes

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Selling and Valuing High-Performance Homes

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From Policy to Practice: The Critical Role of Contractor Credentialing in the Success of Inflation Reduction Act Programs

Engaging and Empowering U.S. Homeowners

Understanding Consumer Demand Primary

PODCAST: Understanding Consumer Demand for Energy-Efficient Homes

Understand Gap Primary

Understanding the Gap: America’s Community-Based Disparities in Energy Efficiency

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How to Communicate Value to Customers with Certification

Certification's Role in Driving Home Value

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Certification or Label?: How States Can Meet IRA HOMES Program Requirements


Home Energy Score & Pearl Certification: Better Together

Hom Certification Report 2023 a w

WHITE PAPER: How Certification Drives Market Change

Marketing HP Hs Casey Murphy

How to Communicate Value to Customers with Certification

Key Takeaways 4 State Appraisal Infographic Final 01

STUDY: Pearl Certification Home Sales Premiums - 4-State Appraisal Study

How Pearl Works Primary 2023 05

STUDY: Appraisers Analysis of Pearl-Certificated Homes Sale Value - National

The Role of the Real Estate Industry in Market Transformation

Pearl Triangle MLS 2023 08

PODCAST: Going Deep Green in Real Estate with Heather Elias

Realtime Podcast Preview 2023 05

PODCAST: Why Energy Efficiency Matters to Your Listings

Primary Image Spring Selling Season 2023

Stand Out in a Crowded Market: Leveraging High-Performing Home Features

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