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Pearl Certification translates home features into home value.

We document the green and energy-efficient upgrades that add home value.

That means you get what you need to increase appraisal value and make marketing green home features easy.

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From certification to sold


Use Pearl’s Certify My Home app to decide whether a Pearl Certification is right for your listing. Or, for a solar-powered listing, fill out this form for an easy assessment.


Pearl will issue the Certification Report and send marketing materials to you. Pearl’s Certification Report documents home performance data – and translates it into home value.


Pearl’s Certification Report and special appraisal addendum ensure that the home’s high-performing assets are properly valued.


Pearl Certified homes can sell for 5% or more when marketed properly.

Make the smart investment in your business

Whether you need an “easy button” to market a particular green home, or whether you’re looking for an ongoing strategy to stand out from other real estate agents, Pearl Certification is here for you.

Either way, you’ll have the power to quickly and easily leverage Pearl Certification to land more listings, convert more leads and grow your business.

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Choose how Pearl Certification can benefit you most:

Path 1: Certify your energy-efficient listing

Prequalify your energy efficient listings for certification and give yourself a simple, accurate way to appraise, market and sell high-performing homes.

Path 2: Certify your solar listing

Pearl’s Solar Certification helps ensure the home gets fair market value at the time of resale. Help customers capture the value of their solar investments. Market your listing with Pearl to showcase the high performing features buyers will pay more for.

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