About Pearl

Documenting the health, comfort, and energy performance of our nation’s 100+ million homes.

What you get with Pearl

Pearl certifies home features that contribute to its comfort, energy performance, and indoor air quality. We provide independent documentation for refinance or resale – you can give this documentation to your agent, appraiser, and lender when you sell or refinance your home.

Certified homes with green and energy efficient features are in demand and sell for more. Our third party certification helps homeowners recapture part or all of the value of their home improvement investment for resale.

Leadership at Pearl

Pearl’s founders have spent their professional lives building, improving, and managing high-quality energy efficient homes. We are passionate about providing the best service to make homes more comfortable, efficient, and valuable.

Cynthia Adams


Every home has a story — just like the family that lives in it. How it was built, what’s been added to or removed from it over time, how weather and maintenance have affected it, etc. My education on how a house can impact your life began quite personally, with a family member who developed asthma like symptoms after moving in to our “new” home that had moisture issues and sketchy ventilation. Whether it’s a health, comfort, or a high bill issue — we don’t have to just “put up with” our homes. With Pearl, we get a chance to help owners of existing homes upgrade what they’ve got into the comfortable, high performing, and affordable to operate home they deserve.

Before co-founding Pearl, Cynthia served as the Executive Director of the Local Alliance Energy Program (LEAP), an award-winning non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia that helped thousands of Virginia homeowners improve the energy efficiency, health and comfort of their homes. Cynthia also helped found and is Past Chair of the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council, a non-profit industry organization the promotes energy efficiency throughout the state. She was appointed by Governor McAuliffe in 2013 to the Virginia Energy Council and to the Governor’s Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency in 2014. She was also elected to the national Governance Board of Efficiency First. Cynthia previously served as co-founder of Stone/Metal/Wood, a design-build construction firm that built energy efficient, green homes in McCall, Idaho. She has a Masters in English from Virginia Polytechnic University and in a previous life taught American Literature and Business Writing at JMU and Virginia Tech.

Robin LeBaron


My passion is changing buildings in ways that transform lives. I spent fifteen years renovating New York City properties that had been abandoned by their owners, and turning them into high-quality, resident-owned housing. These buildings were occupied when we started working with them, and I saw first-hand how the transition from a badly maintained building to a properly upgraded one can change a family’s life. Pearl gives everyone the tools they need to understand and make these changes to their homes. And Pearl creates a way for each homeowner to recapture some of the value of their investments in a high-performing home when they sell or refinance.

Before co-founding Pearl, Robin served for five years as the Managing Director of the National Home Performance Council, a national non-profit organization created to promote energy efficiency upgrades in U.S. homes. He co-authored a guide for the U.S. Department of Energy on effective policies that energy efficiency programs can use to promote residential energy efficiency. He also coordinated the National Efficiency Screening Project, a national initiative to improve the accuracy of the way utility commissions evaluate utility energy efficiency programs, and served as the chair of a committee that created national energy efficiency data standards. Robin previously served as the executive director of Hope Community, Inc., a non-profit based in East Harlem, New York that built and managed 1,200 units of affordable housing, including the first affordable LEED Silver multi-family buildings in New York City. In a previous life, he received a Ph.D. in Anthropology New School for Social Research, taught anthropology, and supported a team of Argentine forensic anthropologists.

AC Capehart


Whether it’s safety testing vehicle autonomy or helping incident responders on the front lines of cyber-defense, it’s important to me that the technology I create serve humanity. Pearl Certification grants me the opportunity to promote home improvements that not only increase the comfort of those who make them, but to reap financial rewards as well. It’s truly win-win!

Before joining Pearl, AC worked with high-precision LIDAR systems that tested vehicle autonomy, assisted incident responders on the front lines of cyber-defense, and helped create cutting-edge gaming technologies. He has built, mentored and led technology teams in both systems operations and software development – including remote teams spread across 13 time zones. He has founded firms and played a leading role in several start-ups, but also thrived in large organizations. He has a talent for identifying the essential across multiple problem domains.

Casey Murphy

Vice President of Quality Systems

I am still amazed at how lucky I am to be a small part of such an important industry. Improving how homes work impacts all of us – on a global scale all the way down to the family level. Twenty percent of all energy in the U.S. is used in our homes, and much of that is wasted energy. More often than we might think, homes make people sick, adding significantly to our nation’s health care costs. But those bigger picture issues pale in comparison when I see the impacts on families. My very first customer was so excited when she felt the difference in her home after I had improved it. And I still get the chills when I hear stories about sick homes being made healthier, allowing a child with asthma to no longer needs to use an inhaler every day. Every home is different, and every resident is different. But we don’t have to “settle” on poor and average performing homes. We can do better.

Casey is Pearl’s Director of Quality Assurance, and manages the operations of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor network. Casey has worked as a consultant for ICF International, where he has supported the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program and played a key role in the development of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) program. Casey has also supported EPA’s Indoor airPLUS and WaterSense programs, as well as the Dept. of Energy’s Weatherization Plus Health program. Prior to joining ICF, Casey owned and ran a building and renovation company that specialized in sustainable practices, and was the first Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor in the state of Maryland. Casey has an MBA from the University of Maryland University College and a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Milt Matter

Senior Researcher

I was hooked from the moment I learned that houses can be scientifically tested and diagnosed. If a home is uncomfortable, or has excessive dust or humidity, or uses unacceptable amounts of resources, then the home is unwell. Measurements can be made and improvements put into place. I love that Pearl helps homeowners to better understand these improvement possibilities and to recoup their investment when they refinance or sell their home. Being a part of Pearl gives me the chance to make a lasting difference in the wellness of the house and the people who call it home.

Milt has been designing, constructing, and evaluating high performance buildings for more than fifteen years. He is a BPI Building Analyst, board licensed contractor, and certified thermographer. Before joining Pearl Milt led Ivy Tools, working with researchers, engineers, and contractors from across the United States to solve complex problems in testing. From pinpointing airflow in wind tunnels to tracking flows of glacial ice, he has helped hundreds of organizations diagnose issues of airflow, moisture, and energy loss. He holds a degree in Philosophy.

Leah Stetter

Real Estate Account Manager

I’m an experienced real estate professional and educator who has co-owned and managed both a boutique real estate brokerage and a private residential construction company. For me, a home isn’t just the place where you live – it’s where your heart and spirit also reside. Our homes make us feel safe, they give us space to grow, and to dream. Our homes reflect our taste and style. They are where we invite friends and family to experience life with us. The home matters. It’s personal. And, it’s likely your greatest financial investment. When it comes to buying, selling, maintaining or improving your home – it’s so important to work with professionals who not only understand, but respect you and your home. I consider it a privilege to help people with their real estate and home goals, and to support the REALTORS® with whom they work.

  • Broker Associate, REALTOR®, SFR, e-pro, CARE real estate, Carol Stream, IL
  • Broker Associate, Metro Referrals, Chantilly, VA
  • NAR®, Member, Past Certified Instructor
  • Illinois REALTOR® Member, Certified Pre-License and Continuing Education Instructor, Leadership Development Training Program Participant
  • DPOR Approved Continuing Education Instructor, VA
  • Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (MORe)  Member
  • REALTOR® Association of Northwest Chicagoland (RANWC) Director 2011
  • Women’s Council of REALTORS® (WCR)
  • Past President WCR Northwest Chapter, National Large Chapter of the Year 2010
  • Former Managing Broker/Co-Owner, The Prairie Path Realty Company, Schaumburg, IL 2003-2013
  • Former Co-Owner, Stetter Construction, Inc. 2010-2013
  • Former Branch Administrator, Long & Foster, Charlottesville, VA 2014-2017

Betz Rother

Communication Intern

I have always wanted to make a difference. The opportunity to assist others in the betterment of their foundation—that being the stability of mind, body, and environment— is a goal worth fighting for. However, change doesn’t happen overnight; nor is it always visible. In addition, we often forget the strength that small, gradual steps provide towards lasting results. This belief resonates throughout Pearl, and I firmly believe that our system has the potential to improve the national state of energy efficiency, and beyond.

Betz began her university studies as a Graphic Design student at James Madison University and is now completing her B.A. degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication at George Mason University. Her work at Pearl includes visual, written and oral communication — where she strives to produce simple, effective messages that inspire thoughtful connection. A Washington D.C. area native, Betz adapts quickly and is well-networked in the community. She has been involved in an assortment of volunteer efforts that range from coordinating children’s’ activities for local SACC programs, to fostering for Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. Betz is the proud owner of Pearl’s de facto office dog, Curley.

Pearl’s Industry Advisory Board

Pearl is proud to have an Industry Advisory Board that includes a range of experts in residential energy efficiency, construction, and real estate. The following professionals serve in an unpaid capacity, because they believe in the mission and vision of the company.

Sandra Adomatis
Adomatis Appraisal Service, Certification Trainer for the Appraisal Institute

Mark Dyen
Co-Founder and COO Conservation Services Group

Denee Evans
CEO Council of Multiple Listing Services

Dick Kornbluth
Governance Board Chair, Building Performance Institute

Bruce Manclark
Director of Training, CLEAResult

David Pogue
Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE

Mike Rogers
President, Omstout Consulting

Kara Saul-Rinaldi
Senior Policy Advisor, Home Performance Coalition

Laura Stukel
National Association of Realtors Green Resource Council

Chandler von Schrader
(ret.) National Manager, ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation program

Pearl is proud to work in partnership with: