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Interested in an effective program that gives your agents an edge with their personal and property marketing?

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Pearl’s BrokerAdvantage program brings an authentic, fresh approach to help agents win more clients by enhancing their value to their clients. Here’s how: we know our built environment is changing fast, and our clients’ interests and needs are changing with it.

  • Buyers rank healthy, efficient housing as one of their Top 5 most desired features
  • Homes certified with these features are selling for 4% more on average
  • More than half of existing homes have energy efficient or high-performing features that should be included in the MLS, but aren’t

At the intersection of buyer interest and untapped inventory, stands a unique opportunity for business growth. Pearl will help you seize it.

No upfront cost is required – contact Pearl today to see if your brokerage qualifies for our program.

What is the Pearl BrokerAdvantage Program?

It’s a game-raising educational package and suite of tools that enhance agent competence, confidence, and connection to their clients.

Enrolled agents will have access to training + new tools to give them an edge when:

Prospecting for clients
Engaging buyers and sellers
Selling upgraded homes or renovated homes
Working with Millenials, retirees, and investors
Differentiating themselves in their marketplace
Limited first to market membership opportunities available – contact Pearl today to learn more!
Pearl's Broker Advantage Program

The Process and the Products that Ensure Success

The program requires one ninety minute, in person agent training during which we provide both a printed program guide and access to the Pearl Partner website.

Pearl’s Seven Business Growth Essentials:

  1. Training on trends
  2. Prospecting tools
  3. Presentation resources
  4. Checklists for buyers and sellers
  5. Home screening app and online survey
  6. Certification and marketing packages
  7. Ongoing professional development

Our program was developed by and for agents with one goal in mind: their success.

The New Normal is Here – and it Requires a New Approach

Homes with energy efficient features, solar installations, and other sustainable or high-performing features are moving from market niche to market norm:

  • Residential energy codes have changed how we build homes
  • Smart home technology has changed how we experience our homes
  • Buyers want healthy, efficient and comfortable properties

Pearl is the only national certification for new and existing homes that helps agents identify a listing’s special features, verifies them for the MLS, and certifies them for the appraisal.

Leverage our knowledge for your advantage.

Read NAR’s landmark 2017 Sustainability Report for details on how the new normal is here. [Download the Report]

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