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Pearl’s building science-based certification system helps you understand how your home performs, and gives you guidance on how to make it perform better.

The Pearl system gives points for each high-performing asset in your home. High-performing assets are things that make your home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

 insulation icon

The insulation in your attic and walls

 heating and cooling icon

Your heating and cooling system

ENERGY STAR appliances icon

ENERGY STAR appliances

Smart thermostats icon

Smart thermostats

Performance Recognition

The performance of many features in a home depends on which, how much, and/or what type of assets are installed. The Pearl system is designed to recognize these differences, so that highly efficient equipment and high-quality installations earn more points than lower efficiency, low-quality models.

A home’s certification level depends on the number of points it earns.

Pearl Silver icon

Pearl Silver

700 points

A home with good building shell (e.g., insulation), or heating and cooling features, will typically qualify for Pearl Silver.

Pearl Gold icon

Pearl Gold

825 points

Similar to a home built to modern energy code, a home that has both a good building shell and heating and cooling systems will usually qualify for Pearl Gold.

Pearl Platinum icon

Pearl Platinum

975 points

In addition to a good building shell and heating and cooling systems, a typical Platinum home will have efficient appliances, lighting, and other energy monitoring devices like a smart thermostat.

Pearl’s certification system groups the assets in your home into four categories. A home asset inventory will show how you score in each of the four categories.

Building Shell icon

Building Shell

300 possible points

The roof, walls, windows and foundation that create the difference between “outside” and “inside” your home.

Heating and Cooling icon

Heating and Cooling

360 possible points

The furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, ductwork and other equipment that keeps your home the temperature you want it.

Baseload icon


240 possible points

The equipment that you use throughout the year, like water heaters, appliances, and electronics.

Home Management icon

Home Management

300 possible points

Smart devices, information dashboards, and plans that help you maintain and improve your home.

Air handler and worker

Estimating Your Home’s
Pearl Point Value

An average home built to standards common in the 1980s and 1990s should score approximately 600 points. New homes built in areas with contemporary energy codes typically have between 700 and 800 points, and often qualify for the Silver or Gold levels.

How does your home score?
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Building-Science Based System

Pearl’s point system is based on building science principles with advice from leading energy efficiency industry experts. It is used in conjunction with Pearl’s administration of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

Explore Pearl-Certified Homes

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Platinum home

Platinum Home

Crozet, Virginia

Gold Home

Gold Home

Charlottesville, Virginia

Silver Home

Silver Home

Springfield, Virginia

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