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Pearl Certification is delighted to bring IncentivesHub to its contractors! This first-of-its-kind tool helps contractors attract, qualify, and convert more homeowners into lifelong customers — and it’s free for Pearl Network contractors.

IncentivesHub lives on contractors’ websites to show visitors home energy savings options from federal, state, and utility programs — and even custom savings offered by the contractor. Watch the below video to see IncentivesHub in action.

This embeddable sales tool:

  • Attracts homeowners and keeps them on the website longer: IncentivesHub grabs the attention of homeowners looking for HVAC, solar, and home energy services and engages them in an interactive savings search to keep them on the contractor's website longer. Unlike other tools, IncentivesHub keeps the visitor within the same branded experience. Visitors perusing the contractor’s branded discounts can be driven to the next step in the sales process.

  • Beats sticker shock and speeds up the sales process: IncentivesHub cuts hours from homeowner research and reduces cost sensitivity — aka sticker shock. That makes for a smoother discussion at the kitchen table and a quicker close to the sale.

  • Enables contractors to compete on value, not price: Quality contractors can differentiate themselves from cheap, subpar competitors by showcasing their upfront savings, plus federal, state, and utility incentives. IncentivesHub also plays beautifully with Pearl’s certification packages, which already helps homeowners recoup or even earn a return on their investment. With IncentivesHub, that return can come even quicker.

  • Installs in under 5 minutes: Contractors don’t need to have any technical knowledge to get started with IncentivesHub. With just a couple pieces of information, Pearl will generate and email a snippet of code that can be dropped anywhere on a contractor’s website.

  • Pays for itself almost immediately: First, IncentivesHub is FREE for all Pearl Network Members at the Enterprise level. For non-network contractors, IncentivesHub costs less than a cup of coffee per day and works 24/7/365 to attract, engage, and convert homeowners into lifelong customers.

Ready to start closing more competitive bids? Get started with IncentivesHub today.

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