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Pearl Certification is delighted to announce a new competitive differentiator to support Pearl Network Contractors’ businesses — the Electrified Home badge! This new certification tool recognizes and rewards homes that are powered solely by electricity.

The Home Electrification Growing Trend

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) aims to incentivize and drive demand for home electrification through the High Efficiency Electrified Homes rebate program. As more and more homeowners seek home electrification, Pearl’s Electrified Home badge provides them with a roadmap.

Badges of Recognition

A Pearl Certification recognizes a high-performing home, but a badge signifies that a home excels in a particular area. Pearl has long recognized solar-powered homes with the Solar Badge, but now Pearl celebrates all-electric homes with the Electrified Home badge.

"The electrification of homes has become an important issue for homeowners and policymakers,” said Robin LeBaron, president and co-founder of Pearl Certification.

“Pearl’s new Electrified Home badge is designed to support the efforts of homeowners, contractors, and builders who are interested in electrifying buildings. The badge will verify that the home has been fully electrified. By showcasing the many benefits of home electrification, including healthy indoor air, and comfortable, consistent room temperatures, the Pearl Electrified Home badge will increase an electrified home’s sale price.”

Pearl’s Electrified Home badge communicates to lenders, appraisers, and future homebuyers that the home is unique and deserves a premium price tag. The Solar Badge and the Electrified Home badge appear in Pearl Certification Reports and in the homeowner’s Green Door account.

Electrified Home Badge

Electrified Home Badge

Both HVAC and solar contractors can help their customers earn the Electrified Home badge through ongoing improvement projects to graduate the home from fossil fuels to electricity. Electrified Home badge qualifying homes can contain:

  • All-electric heat systems

  • Air source or ground source heat pumps (although backup systems may run on fossil fuels)

  • Electric, solar, or heat pump water heaters

  • Electric or induction cooking appliances

  • Electric or heat pump clothes dryers

  • Electric or heat pump pool equipment

  • Electric, wood, or pellet fireplaces

Solar Badge 3

Solar Badge

Solar contractors are probably already familiar with Pearl’s Solar Badge as it has already called attention to solar-powered homes for some time, but as a refresher:

  • All brands and sizes of photovoltaic (PV) systems qualify for Pearl’s Solar Badge

  • Qualifying PV systems must be owned or financed (not leased)

A Lasting Impression

After their issuance, Pearl’s Electrified Home badge and the Solar Badge live on in the Pearl Certification Report and in the award-winning Green Door app. The badges and Green Door accounts do not follow the homeowners, rather they follow the homes. After a home is sold, the Pearl Certification, badges, and Green Door account are transferred to the new owner.

Through Green Door, you can connect with the new homeowners through maintenance reminders, and homeowners can look up financial assistance available to them through Green Door’s Rebates Finder. With aspirations to earn a Pearl Certification, an Electrified Home badge, and a Solar Badge, all while receiving funding from the IRA, homeowners will be reaching out to their Pearl Network Contractor to make their high-performing home dreams come true. 

Inspire your customers to continue on their home electrification journey by sharing this blog post, tailored for the homeowner audience.

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