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We’ve been working to help protect the value of high performing home features for years, and now, the real estate industry is ready to jump in with both feet to help! The National Association of Realtors, NAR, has a research arm that covers a lot of ground to highlight trends in the industry. Their most recent report, the 2024 Realtors Sustainability Report, dives in on how the industry currently views sustainability in residential real estate. We’re super excited that their research shows what we have already started to experience: Realtors and their clients are very interested in sustainability, energy efficiency, and high performing home features.This detailed report gives us a look at how those features, along with certifications, are boosting property values and reshaping the market. So, what are the key takeaways from the report? We've got you covered. Here’s a quick rundown of the findings and what they mean for the industry.

Key Highlights from the Report

1. Adoption of Green MLS Data Fields:
39% of REALTORS® reported that their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) includes green data fields, a significant increase from previous years. These green data fields are used to highlight properties' eco-friendly features, including energy efficiency, green certifications, and renewable energy systems.

2. Client Interest in Sustainability:
45% of REALTORS® noted that clients show at least some interest in sustainability when considering properties.

3. Energy Efficiency and Market Value:

  • A majority of agents (57%) find promoting energy efficiency in listings valuable, which reflects a growing consumer awareness about the benefits of energy-efficient homes.

  • 13% of REALTORS® indicated that high-performance homes, which focus on energy efficiency and improved indoor comfort, have a higher market value.

  • Properties with solar panels are available in 80% of markets, with 31% of REALTORS® observing an increase in property value due to solar installations.

4. Educational and Professional Training:
24% of REALTORS® have received moderate to extensive training on sustainability elements, indicating an increasing emphasis on educating real estate professionals about green features and their benefits.

5. Impact of Climate Change:
The report reveals a mixed perception of the impact of climate change on real estate, with 30% of REALTORS® expressing concern about climate change events affecting the market.

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The 2024 REALTORS® Sustainability Report highlights a big shift toward sustainability in real estate, driven by consumer demand and the benefits of green features. Homes with energy-efficient elements and green certifications are more desirable, leading to higher property values and a competitive edge in the market. As sustainability becomes key in real estate transactions, it’s crucial for professionals to get trained and stay updated on green building trends and technologies.

To stay ahead in this evolving market, agents should get familiar with the added value high-performing home features can bring to their listings. Joining the Pearl Certification Real Estate network gives you access to training and resources that allow agents to list and market homes with efficient features, confidently. Join Pearl’s Real Estate network today and lead the way in the sustainable real estate market.

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