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Ask these questions before hiring a solar or HVAC contractor for your next home performance project

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In the world of contracting, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once you’ve made up your mind to start upgrading your home’s performance, the last thing you want is to have Ghostface from Scream show up at your doorstep and slash your plans into pieces.

For those of you who haven’t had to deal with your very own contractor nightmare, now is not the time to mess with your lucky streak — especially when it comes to costly upgrades like solar panels or HVAC installations. In these instances, knowing the right questions to ask, doing your due diligence, and standing your ground could save you a lot of headaches — not to mention thousands of dollars.

While this is far from an exhaustive list of ways to avoid hiring the wrong contractor, asking the questions below is a great start and an important component of your contractor vetting strategy.

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Questions to ask before hiring a contractor:

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1. Customer Service

  • Will you complete and submit any warranty information, local rebates, and/or other paperwork on my behalf?
  • Will you provide me with clear communication and documentation about my new solar/HVAC system?

2. Business Best Practices

  • Will you inspect the whole solar/HVAC system?
  • Will you provide proof of licensing and insurance?
  • How will you handle any future maintenance needs for my new equipment?

3. Commitment to Quality

  • What are the training protocols and/or certification requirements for your installers/technicians?
  • Have you had any complaints lodged against your company in the past two years?

4. Commitment to Community

  • How do you support the local community?
  • Are your contractors locally based?

5. Technical Expertise and Industry Thought Leadership

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