We are excited to announce that NorthStar Comfort Services has been accepted into Pearl’s prestigious Contractor Advantage Network. Working with an elite network of highly-skilled contractors, agents, and brokers as well as savvy homeowners who prioritize health, energy-efficiency, and low home operating costs, Pearl-certified homes command a 5% sales price premium.

For over 70 years, NorthStar Comfort Services has provided insulation, air sealing, window tinting and other energy-efficiency services and guidance for Wichita, south central Kansas and beyond. Now, they’ve partnered with nationwide, rapidly-growing Pearl Certification to give their customers another advantage to living more comfortably. 

“Only a small number of elite contractors with a record of high quality work and customer service are accepted into the network,” said Pearl President and CEO, Cynthia Adams. “NorthStar Comfort Services is a perfect fit, and we’re delighted to work with them to help consumers capture the full value of HVAC and efficiency improvements in their homes.”

As a Pearl Advantage Contractor, NorthStar’s high efficiency improvements can now receive Pearl Certification. This recognition provides the homeowner a detailed record of a home’s high- performing features, including efficiency assets such as heating and cooling systems, insulation, ventilation, and smart thermostats.

When marketed properly, Pearl Certifications add 5% or more to a home’s sales price.

“Pearl Certification gives homeowners official, third-party documentation about their homes after we’ve improved them. Being able to provide information for appraisers to take energy improvements into account makes our normally unseen work now visible – an added value to our customers,” said Jeff Boone, NorthStar’s president.

Pearl Certification was founded by experts in energy efficiency and residential construction to help homeowners make their homes more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient. Pearl also works closely with real estate agents and appraisers so the energy-efficiency improvements are visible at the time of sale, adding value to the home.

We are excited that NorthStar Comfort Services is now able to provide their customers with a Pearl Certification Report. We believe that this partnership will bring the state of Kansas healthy, comfortable, and energy-savings benefits for years to come.