Pearl Drives Sustainable Market Transformation

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Pearl Certification collaborates with organizations, states, and municipalities to implement market transformation initiatives that deliver tangible results. Our case studies showcase successful programs that are transforming the housing stock for the better, benefiting homeowners and communities alike.

Pearl offers third-party certification supported by decades of energy-efficiency expertise and building science. We help the public sector reach residential energy conservation, decarbonization, and electrification goals by driving demand for energy-efficient home improvements. 

How does this work? We call it the Home Value Cycle and it fuels the theory behind our market transformation strategy.

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Our Certification and Standards

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Pearl's Certification System captures, categorizes, and communicate a home’s high-performing features. Our certification standards are built on building science and subject matter expertise and translated for non-building science experts, such as homeowners and all parties involved in the real estate transaction, providing high-quality, accurate information about how homes can be built, improved, and accurately valued.

Pearl is designed to work with other scores, labels, and standards. We're a proud ENERGY STAR Partner and works in collaboration with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program, and the U.S. Department of Energy's Home Energy Score labeling program.

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Partner with Pearl to Reach Market Transformation

  • Meet statutory requirements for market transformation as stated in the DOE guidance for Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Rebate Programs

  • Go beyond the IRA requirements to develop a motivated constituency who values residential home performance

  • Build a vetted network of professionals who excel in creating, valuing, and selling high-performing homes

  • Launch a state-branded market-transformation program that drives demand for high-performing homes

  • Deploy a quality program that benefits your state for generations without the need for long-term subsidies

Access Pearl's Market Transformation Resource Center for States

Comprehensive guides, deep dives into special topics, and tools for states to leverage as they build and execute market transformation plans:

  • Market Transformation Plan Template

  • Playbook for States

  • Articles, Podcasts, and Videos on Special Topics

Market Transformation Resource Center

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