“Other companies are beginning to recognize the power of HPXML in relationship to home energy upgrades. We’re currently working with Pearl Certification to certify energy efficiency homes throughout the state to a certain level of performance by partnering with our participating HPwES contractors. Because Pearl can accept and certify homes with HPXML data, we now have the ability to back-market to the 29,000 customers that completed our program over the last five years. If any of these customers are considering putting their home on the market, we’ll send the customer’s file to Pearl for certification without having to conduct another audit or inspection of the home. Once certified, the appraised value of the upgraded home may increase, or Pearl can encourage a customer that did not move from audit to retrofit to now do so in the interest of increasing the home’s appraised value beyond the cost of the upgrade itself. it comes to solar homes, the process of marketing and selling has certainly improved recently (for both leased and owned systems) but there are still improvements to be made.”

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