Pearl’s goal is to help the best contractors in the U.S. stand out from the competition. So we are delighted to announce a new partnership with an organization that represents some of the best HVAC contractors in the nation.

For over twenty years the National Comfort Institute (NCI) has been training contractors to install and service heating and cooling systems – and how to verify that the work was done right. This special technical expertise enables NCI members can deliver tremendous value to their customers.

The problem? homeowners rarely understand this value. That is, they don’t realize that most HVAC systems aren’t installed correctly, creating all sorts of comfort and health problems, and increasing their energy bills.

That’s where Pearl helps. NCI members who offer their customers Pearl Certification Reports have a new way to showcase the value that performance testing brings to their customers. By using Pearl’s Home Investment Plan, NCI members can give customers a roadmap for improving their systems – heating, cooling, ductwork, insulation – over time.