Network Benefits

Pearl Real Estate Network Benefits

Pearl Certification teaches real estate agents everything they need to know about energy efficiency, sustainability, and high-performing homes. Check out our list of network benefits here.

Stacey Alcorn, Founder and CEO of LAER Realty.
Stacy Alcorn Founder and CEO, LAER Realty Partners

LAER real estate agents are the lions of the industry and are skilled at helping their clients maximize equity at the time of sale. Pearl Certification is an outstanding tool to add to our agent's toolkit. Being a Pearl Real Estate Network member allows them the opportunity to engage past, present, and future clients on the benefits of an energy-efficient home.

Pearl Real Estate Network members benefit from their exclusive access to "The Spark," an online networking portal that offers a wealth of opportunities. Through this platform, members can tap into a comprehensive range of resources, including training modules, marketing materials, and a vibrant community of like-minded Pearl Real Estate Network members, fostering collaboration and growth across the United States.

We provide our network with educational content and trainings that give agents the tools to confidently convey the advantages of high-performing home features, ultimately guiding their clients toward making informed and sustainable real estate decisions.

In addition to marketing materials included with each home certification, members of the Pearl Real Estate Network get exclusive access to a suite of customizable marketing materials that highlight their expertise in the high-performing home space and positions them as trusted advisors in their market and setting the agent apart from competitors. 

Green Door is an essential home management tool that every homeowner should have access to, providing comprehensive features and benefits. Upon completing the real estate network onboarding process, members are added to Green Door's searchable database of real estate professionals. Homeowners in the app can search for Pearl real estate pros in their zip code and select their preferred agent to display on their personal profile. 

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With access to The Spark, our network portal, members of the Pearl Real Estate Network can connect and collaborate with like-minded, forward-thinking agents from across the nation, creating a vibrant platform for exchanging innovative ideas and valuable resources (even listings!)

Pearl will help you market to new and existing clients positioning you as the go-to resource for energy-efficient and high-performing home features.

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Network Guidelines and Requirements

  • Complete the application below and agree to network terms and conditions.

    *Members must have at least two years of transactions recorded*
    *Members must be enrolled with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)*

  • Receive membership verification via email with a link to create your account in The Spark, our online portal.

  • Access training modules within The Spark and complete your quiz to finalize onboarding and get added to Pearl's Green Door database.

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Apply for the Network

Complete the form to apply for the Pearl Real Estate Network

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By requesting a Pearl Certification, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of Pearl Certification. Your submission of this form serves as your agreement to be bound by all terms, conditions, definitions, requirements, and obligations set forth in our Terms and Conditions.