Pearl’s primary interest is ensuring the data quality and accuracy of its Certification Reports and associated data that Pearl provides in Green Door, in our real estate marketing and listing package, and when completing the Appraisal Institute’s Green and Energy Efficient Addendum.

Pearl's Certification App

Pearl’s Certification App with its proprietary software is the core foundation for ensuring the integrity of a home’s data — and it’s the essential vehicle for how Pearl receives, reviews, and third-party certifies data about a home’s high-performing features.

Quality Assurance

Pearl has a two-step review process in which a Pearl Approver reviews the qualified source’s request and, if approved, a Pearl Certifier ensures that both the Pearl Approver and the qualified source have complied with Pearl’s business and technical standards.

Pearl has also developed a number of automated quality assurance/quality control flags and has processes and systems in place to track defects, perform root cause analyses, and make appropriate changes to policy, procedure, and software to mitigate high-risk and/or high-probability errors.

Pearl has the ability to modify quality assurance and quality control procedures when Pearl is delivering certifications for a program. For example, as a Program Sponsor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, Pearl modified its sampling rate and review of photos, documents, and project-level review in order to meet that program’s requirements.

An important aspect of Pearl’s quality assurance/quality control framework is accountability and transparency. While Pearl has robust quality control procedures, it also acknowledges that quality can’t be inspected into a product or process. Rather, Pearl views accountability as a key component to protecting and delivering quality. Pearl often describes itself as a notary, establishing a chain of custody whereby a high-quality Pearl Network member (based on their technical and business qualifications) stands by their work, provides transparency (via Pearl’s reports), and takes responsibility for the quality of work and veracity of data they provide. Pearl’s software serves as the mechanism through which this important chain of custody is established and maintained.

Accreditation Standards

You can learn more about how organizations become recognized as Qualified Sources in the Pearl Network by reviewing our Accreditation Standards.

Accreditation Standards

Credentialing Standards

You can learn more about how individuals become recognized as Qualified Sources in the Pearl Network by reviewing our Credentialing Standards.

Credentialing Standards

More Information

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