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Pearl Certification is on a mission to inform homeowners that you don’t have to settle for uncomfortable, drafty, unhealthy homes. By improving your home’s performance, you create a more pleasant home, lower your energy bills, place less stress on the environment, and ultimately — increase the value of your home. But none of that would be possible without the elite contractors and builders in the Pearl Network who excel in customer service, installation, credentials, training, and in every way that matters. Pearl endeavors to transform the U.S. housing market, and we thank you for joining us in this noble mission.

Transforming the Industry

Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and rebates serve as the catalyst for consumer demand for energy-efficient homes, but only through homeowners seeing the value and benefits of high-performing homes can the housing market truly be transformed.

Serving as a Public Benefit Corporation

Toward this effort, with the support of our Board, Pearl Certification incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to better reflect our mission.

Cynthia Adams Circle 2023

“Pearl was founded to further the public interest by working to improve American homes and lives and to create a more sustainable future. Becoming a Public Benefit Corporation demonstrates our commitment to operating in the public’s interest to our clients, partners, and shareholders.” — Cynthia Adams, CEO and Co-founder

Influencing Industry Standards

The billion-dollar Inflation Reduction Act’s HOMES rebate program creates an incredible opportunity for homeowners to save thousands on energy-efficient improvements, but only if the upgrades meet certain energy thresholds. In Pearl’s continuous effort to support contractors, Pearl President and Co-founder Robin LeBaron chaired a committee to bring clarity to the BPI-2400 standard.

Robin Le Baron Circle

“Thankfully the Inflation Reduction Act requires verification of increased energy efficiency to help protect homeowners from bad actors. The challenge though lay in standardizing how contractors can measure the benefits they bring to the home. This component is essential to making IRA success a reality, and Pearl Certification is honored to support this historic legislation.” — Robin LeBaron, President and Co-founder

Going High Tech

Pearl’s IT team significantly expanded in 2023 to increase in-house engineering capabilities and scale the product management team. From Pearl’s certification app to the Green Door mobile app to the Inflation Reduction Act Rebates Calculator to the Pearl Solar Equity Calculator®, Pearl’s products would not exist without the ingenuity and support of the technology team.

AC Capehart Circle

“Pearl may not appear to be a technology company at its core, but it’s the foundation on which all our products and services are built. We are continually refining our tools and resources to better serve our customers and partners, so scaling our team to address those needs is an essential step toward delivering on our product strategy.” — AC Capehart, Chief Technology Officer

2023 Highlights

Leading to a Better Tomorrow

Tina Bennett, a respected and well-known leader in clean energy, joined Pearl as its new Chief Operating Officer to manage its operations during an anticipated period of high growth.

Tina Bennett Circle

“I've dedicated my career to building companies that promote clean energy and create a more sustainable environment. Joining the Pearl Certification team was an easy choice as it enables me to drive market transformation across the energy efficiency and home performance industry by engaging contractors, manufacturers, builders, real estate agents, state energy offices, and the homeowners they serve. I'm proud to be part of a company committed to solutions that will improve the efficiency, health, comfort, and value of homes across America.” — Tina Bennett, Chief Operating Officer

Pearl also welcomed Mark Regier as its new Chief Financial Officer to leverage his extensive experience managing the finances of growing startups toward evolving Pearl from a developing startup into scaleup.

Mark Regier Circle

“I am passionate about creating new industries and disrupting current ones to drive positive change more quickly, and that’s what draws me to empower startups. Startups embrace innovation and novel thinking. Pearl Certification is the needed catalyst to create demand for more sustainable, energy-efficient home improvements. I am thrilled to help Pearl scale and grow to realize this admirable endeavor.” — Mark Regier, Chief Financial Officer

2023 Highlights

Building Businesses

Pearl Certification would not exist without the exceptional contractors and builders who comprise our accredited Pearl Network. Recognizing that necessary upgrades to U.S. housing stock rests heavily on the shoulders of those who work in these homes every day, Pearl Certification provides our elite Network Contractors and Builders with the tools, resources, and support they need to grow their businesses. A Pearl Certification not only brings visibility to the increased value contractors and builders bring to the home, but it also speaks to their high-quality work and how they differ from the low-quality competition.

Derek Estes Circle Lg

“Great contractors reshape homes, neighborhoods, communities, and entire populations for the better. Pearl's Network Contractors are leading the charge of making homes more comfortable and valuable, and we are beyond proud to be partnered with them.” — Derek Estes, Vice President, Contractor Division

2023 Highlights

Partnering for a Brighter Future

Pearl partners with industry organizations, manufacturers, technology providers, lenders, and contractor trade associations to bring new tools, resources, and training to our network. Through these business relationships, our well-known partners bring their services and offerings to the Pearl Network, and Pearl, in turn, makes third-party home certification and our software and services available to their contractors.

Kevin Hunt Circle

“Pearl highly values our industry partners. We accomplished some amazing work with each of them this year, including collaborations on events, training, programs, and more. Elevating the home services industry is a priority for Pearl and for our distinguished partners.” — Kevin Hunt, Vice President, Industry Partnerships Division

2023 Highlights

  • Launched new partnerships with industry leaders, such as EGIA and Mosaic

  • Renewed commitments to industry partners ACCA, BDR, BPA, BxB Media, Ferguson, and Lennox

  • The Pearl team presented at seven conferences and hosted 26 webinars to provide crucial education to contractors and builders about the Inflation Reduction Act and industry trends

Bringing Visibility to Certification

To help contractors, industry partners, state energy offices, and other key members of the home performance sector better understand Pearl's certification offering, Pearl's Quality and Standards Division launched a new home certification microsite explaining the process through which Pearl’s standards are developed, maintained, enforced, and published.

Casey Murphy Circle 2023

"Pearl Certification exists in a complex ecosystem with existing standards, certifications, labels, codes, and regulations that impact the development, construction, valuation, financing, and insuring of high-performing homes. Our standards recognize and build upon those industries’ standards, assisting market actors in understanding, documenting, and certifying a home’s high-performing features in an objective, systematic, and consistent manner.” — Casey Murphy, Senior Vice President of Quality and Standards

2023 Highlights

Supporting State Energy Offices

Founded in 2022, Pearl’s Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Division collaborates with states, municipalities, utilities, and other public sector entities to meet their energy efficiency, resiliency, and market transformation goals. As state energy offices prepare to rollout Inflation Reduction Act programs, Pearl’s P3 Division is ramping up to better serve them.

Amy Beley Circle 2023

“The financial incentives created by the Inflation Reduction Act will significantly increase demand for high-performing homes. The IRA also requires states to create a market transformation plan so that energy-efficient home improvements continue long after the rebates have ended. We’re excited to see that directive come from DOE to support a market-based approach to decarbonizing our housing stock.” — Amy Beley, Vice President, Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Division

Heather Elias Circle

"Agents have a wonderful opportunity to help guide their clients as they consider how to make their homes more energy efficient. We are excited to provide agents with the tools and resources they need to spark those conversations and create lasting value in their client relationships." — Heather Elias, Vice President, Real Estate

2023 Highlights

Owning the Home

Home performance is a journey, and Pearl’s Homeowner Division is committed to supporting homeowners every step of the way. From heat pumps to air sealing to solar panels, energy-efficient upgrades are complex, which is why the Homeowner Division published over 50 blog posts on the topic. At the heart of Pearl’s homeowner services is our award-winning Green Door app.

Rachel Davis headshot circle

“Green Door serves as a central hub for homeowners to understand, manage, and improve their home’s energy efficiency, comfort, health, and value, as well as connect with Pearl Network contractors, and real estate professionals. We’re continually improving Green Door to help homeowners maximize the return on their home investments and decarbonize the U.S. housing stock.” — Rachel Davis, Vice President, Homeowner Division

2023 Highlights

Thank you to all of Pearl’s trusted partners for helping us bring visibility to the value that energy-efficient upgrades add to a home and ultimately making our global community a better place. We look forward to sharing continued success with you in 2024 and beyond!


Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.