What is IncentivesHub?

IncentivesHub is the first app to directly connect your site’s visitors to rebates and tax credits.

Each month, there are more than 250,000 online searches for home performance rebates and tax credits — and another 180,000 just for solar. Is your business capturing these homeowners?

IncentivesHub is a first-of-its-kind tool that lives on your website. Homeowners — or your sales reps — simply enter a U.S. address and IncentivesHub will find and display your discounts first, followed by rebates and tax credits from federal, state, and utility programs.


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"Contractors frequently ask us for lists of efficiency incentives, but such databases have always been outdated, incomplete, or overwhelmingly vast.

Pearl Certification’s IncentivesHub is perfectly curated for residential contractors and, given frequent program changes, it’s fantastic to have a continuously updated resource that can be embedded in a contractor’s website and customized with special offers of their own."

Sean Robertson Vice President of Membership, Advocacy, and EventsACCA

How does IncentivesHub work for your contracting business?

IncentivesHub lives on your site.

IncentivesHub can be a magnet for homeowners who are searching for ways to save on your service. Promote on social media, ads, and with educational on-site copy to some of the hundreds of thousands of homeowners searching for savings each month.

Once homeowners arrive on your site, IncentivesHub acts as a "sticky" interactive touchpoint, keeping visitors on your site longer. Have discounts you want to offer? They'll appear in the search results first, and, along with third-party rebates, will link to back to your site and the next step in your sales process, so you can influence visitors in the moment.

Both the search and savings results are branded with your business logo, so your business gets all the credit for helping these prospective customers save.

Stand out from the competition by providing value from the first moment a prospective customer hits your website. Build trust and demonstrate expertise by simplifying complicated rebates programs and giving homeowners an easier, quicker, and more affordable way to get their home performance improvements.

IncentivesHub isn't just for website visitors. Because it lives on your web property, your sales reps are armed with this powerful tool every time they sit at the kitchen table. It's especially valuable when you're competing for new customers or trying to overcome sticker shock to close a competitive sale.

Incentives Hub lives on your site

IncentivesHub showcases your discounts first.

For cost-sensitive homeowners, IncentivesHub is a quick and easy way to make home performance upgrades affordable. Highlight it on your site so homeowners can feel more confident entering the sales conversation, and deploy it with your sales team in the field to help beat sticker shock and get to "yes" faster.

Your own discounts will always be the main event. With just a couple pieces of information, we'll create your branded discounts, which will live at the top of the IncentivesHub results page, so homeowners always see your brand and your value first. 

You get an unlimited number of discounts to showcase, and setting up discounts is as easy as filling out a short form.

How much of your sales cycle is eaten up by homeowners comparison shopping or trying to find answers about complicated rebates and tax credits programs? 

IncentivesHub slashes that time to the minimum. Each savings option, whether your own or a third-party rebate, comes with detailed eligibility information, program dates, and more, saving homeowners and your sales team days or weeks.

Once they've viewed a discount or third-party rebate, send homeowners wherever you'd like as a next step — a consultation scheduler, a testimonials page, your contact information. The choice is yours.

Stop getting undercut by cheap, subpar competition. Stop racing to the bottom. Instead, focus on the value you can add to the home — and boost that value even higher by making upgrades affordable up front.

Pro tip: Combine IncentivesHub with a Pearl Certification report to not only lower the cost of improvements but translate the value you've added to the home in language that buyers, lenders, and appraisers can understand. Help homeowners get a return on the investment they've made with you, and you've won customers — and referrals — for life.

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IncentivesHub is easy to install and even easier to use.

Simply provide us with a few basic pieces of business contact information, and we'll email you a snippet of code within 48 hours. Work with your web manager to add the code to your website where you want IncentivesHub to display. That's it. 

Once you have your snippet, your web manager can add the code to your site in minutes. Want to add custom discounts? Again, no technical information needed — provide us the discounts you'd like to offer and we'll get those set up for you. 

Remember, you have unlimited discounts, so consider experimenting to find the sweet spot for homeowners and your business.

IncentivesHub takes any U.S. address, and returns a robust list of your discounts plus rebates and tax credits within seconds, eliminating days or weeks of comparison shopping and delays from your sales cycle.

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Try IncentivesHub Free

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  • Monthly billing
  • Get your code snippet in 24 hours
  • Install on your site in under 5 minutes
  • Email support available
  • Works 24/7, 365 days a year
  • For a Limited Time: Try Free for 30 Days!


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