As a Public Benefit Corporation, Pearl is on a mission to  reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and help you increase the return on your home investments.

  • It captures your home's high-performing features and translates their value for appraisers, lenders, and buyers.

  • It verifies that your home systems were installed properly and can help you take advantage of home energy rebates.

  • Every Pearl Certification comes with Green Door, our all-in-one app that helps you make smarter home investments based on your unique goals and connects you with local Pearl Network Contractors and Real Estate members who can help you upgrade and sell your home for more.

Pearl certifies high-performing homes that:

  • Keep you comfortable all year long, no matter the weather

  • Maintain healthy and safe indoor air quality (IAQ)

  • Lower energy usage and energy costs

  • Generate power independently from renewable sources like solar

  • Protect you and your family from extreme weather events

  • Shrink your carbon footprint through lower emissions

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