Why high-performing homes are the way to go

With a Pearl Certified high-performing home, you can live out your values: improving your family’s comfort, protecting the health of everyone under your roof, using energy responsibly — and making wise investments.

Without a high-performing home, you worry about…

  • Losing money on your home investment

  • Wasting energy — and money

  • Your family’s health and comfort

With a Pearl Certified high-performing home, you will…

  • Multiply your investment
  • Grow your home’s energy efficiency
  • Enhance your well-being

…from now on

Why Choose Pearl

Why homeowners choose Pearl Certification

Pearl Certification is the standard for homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy, and saving energy.

With Pearl, you …

  • Earn a Pearl Certification
  • Understand how to keep improving your home’s performance
  • Connect with high-quality professionals who will turn your plans into reality
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As an independent third party, Pearl helps you make the best decisions for you, based on an accurate assessment of your home’s performance.

With Pearl Certification, improving your home’s performance means improving its value. A high-performing home is valuable to you — but appraisers and future buyers can’t “see” the value without the right documentation. We give you the tools to maximize your home’s appraisal or price when the time comes to refinance or sell.

Green Door App

Inside the Green Door

Our Green Door web app gives you access to top-notch resources and guidance throughout your journey of homeownership.

It puts all of your home performance data in one place — at your fingertips. Go in and make yourself comfortable. Now you’re ready to open the door to greater home value.

Open the Green Door
The Pearl Difference

Pearl gives you confidence

In your home

Goodbye drafts, hotspots, and overwhelming allergens. The home improvements you’ve made to earn certification are your ticket to better indoor air quality (IAQ) and consistent temperatures. Thanks to increased energy efficiency, you’ll also have more control over your monthly energy costs.

In your investment

Your home and the improvements you make along the way are a huge investment — but they don’t have to be stressful. With Pearl, you can continuously improve your home’s performance, earn higher levels of certification, and keep growing your home’s value. Pearl Certified Homes can sell for 5% or more when marketed properly.

See the data

In the professionals.

Need improvements? Elite Pearl Contractors represent the top U.S. contractors. They outshine other contractors with quality work, excellent service, and deep expertise. They’re trained in best practices for improving comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ), and they properly document all improvements so your home will increase in value.

Find a Pearl Professional via Green Door

Time to sell? Pearl Real Estate Network Members properly market and value your certified home so you can sell your home more quickly and for a higher price. Whatever you need, you don’t have to wonder if you’ve chosen a high-quality professional when you’ve selected a Pearl Professional.

What’s next for you? 

Pearl Certification supports you at every stage throughout your home-performance journey. Click below to learn how Pearl can help you next. 

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