Your home's performance impacts your comfort, health, safety, and finances. From temperature and humidity control to indoor air quality, from energy costs to protection against extreme weather, these often "invisible" systems represent some of your most valuable home assets. That's why high-performing homes can sell for more. 

If you're not satisfied with the performance or value of your home, it may be time to make a plan for investing in some of the key elements below.

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The elements of a high-performing home

  • Energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC)

  • Heat pump water heaters

  • Updated insulation and air sealing

  • Weather-resistant, energy-saving windows and doors

  • ENERGY STAR® appliances and fixtures

  • Solar panels and home energy storage

  • Smart home technology

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging station

How Pearl helps you improve your home's performance

#1: Green Door — A New Kind of Home Improvement App

Green Door is a free app from Pearl Certification that helps you make smarter investments in your home — and get rewarded for them. Green Door works with your goals and your home's existing features to generate recommendations for high-impact, value-adding performance upgrades, and then helps you make them a reality.

Use Green Door to:

  • Discover home upgrades that help you meet your goals: higher home value, improved comfort and health, lower energy bills, resilience to extreme weather, or a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Generate customized Pearl Home Investment Plans(TM) with recommended tasks and priority levels.
  • Find big savings with rebates and tax credits from federal, state, and local utility programs using our Rebates Finder.
  • Connect with local, vetted Pearl Network Contractors for expert energy audits, insulation and air sealing, HVAC, solar panel installation, and more.
  • Create maintenance reminders so your home investments continue to perform year after year.
  • Update your home's profile with your high-performing home assets and earn Pearl Points toward a high-tier Pearl Certification.
  • Securely store valuable home documentation, warranties, and your certification report.
Green Door Stock
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#2: Pearl Network Contractors — Vetted. Trusted. Local.

Use Green Door's Pro Search to connect with a Pearl Network Contractor who can help you make your plans a reality. Every contractor in the Pearl Network is trained on the Pearl Certification process and can help you get the most value from Pearl and Green Door. 

Why work with a Pearl Network Contractor?
Pearl only accepts top-performing contractors into our network. To qualify, every contractor must demonstrate:

  • Superior customer service and value proven through online ratings, Better Business Bureau history, and a well-developed approach to serving customers
  • Business best practices indicated by proper licenses, internal processes, permits, and relationships with subcontractors and industry organizations
  • Commitment to quality expressed through continuous education, product training, and safety training
  • Commitment to community lived out through a sense of responsibility and mission to serve others
  • Technical and thought leadership demonstrated through engagement in industry associations, commitment to trade-specific qualifications, and knowledge of emerging trends

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