Engage a Pearl Contractor to Achieve a High-Performing Home

  • You love living in your home more than ever.
  • The energy you save benefits you and the environment.
  • When the time comes, you don’t have to worry about recouping your investment in the house.

Hello, high-performing home features

Deciding on home improvements can be stressful and time-consuming.

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right contractor?

How do you know they’re making the right improvements to actually make a difference for comfort, health, and energy savings?

Pearl takes out the guesswork. Our vetted, elite Pearl Contractors represent the top contractors in the U.S., so you know you’re getting the best work. They’re well-versed in indoor air quality (IAQ), trained in energy efficiency and solar, and focused on making your home more comfortable.

Value no other contractor can offer

Only Pearl Contractors can take you through the Pearl Certification process and guide you through the journey to improve not only your home, but also your home value. They know how to properly document your home’s high-performing features so they raise your home’s market value.

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Pearl Contractor qualifications

Superior customer service and value proven through online ratings, Better Business Bureau history, and strategic, well-developed approach to serving customers and solving problems

Business best practices indicated by proper licenses, internal processes, permits and relationships with subcontractors and industry organizations

Commitment to quality expressed through continuous education, product training, safety training and more provided for workforce

Commitment to community lived out through a sense of responsibility and mission to serve others, whether locally or globally

Technical and thought leadership demonstrated through engagement in industry associations, commitment to trade-specific qualifications and knowledge of emerging trends

Take a tour

What would your home feel like with high-efficiency heating and air conditioning plus the right amount of insulation? Think about how clear the air will be with the right filters and carefully calibrated whole-home ventilation. Envision the technology that would make your daily life simpler and more efficient.

Look inside Pearl Certified homes and start imagining the possibilities for yours.

The Pearl Certification process is simple

  • Select a Pearl Contractor
  • Make improvements
  • Achieve certification
  • Log in to Green Door
  • Get ongoing tools and resources
Learn about the Pearl Certification Scoring System
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Our big concern was finding an appraiser that had the kind of background to understand my high-performing house. The Pearl Certification Report certainly had an influence on the appraiser. Most appraisers don’t put a lot of value on solar, but he was willing to take into account the information we provided to him through Pearl, and it was properly appraised.

Gary Fisher Pearl Gold Homeowner — Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Going solar

Solar is an excellent investment for many homeowners. We’ve created a Solar Certification, which is distinct from the overall Pearl Certification. This is because solar directly impacts energy use but not comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Pearl Solar Contractors will guide you on this journey toward improving your home’s environmental sustainability and giving you more control over your energy. The Solar Certification gives you the proof you need at refinance or sale to get the best price for your solar-powered home.

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