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HO spotlight Terje Terje Platinum Need To Know
HO spotlight Terje Terje Platinum Summary

In Georgia, homeowner Terje G. was inspired to learn everything he could about improving the performance of his house.

When he moved into his home in 2015, he found that the house was exhibiting signs of energy loss and inefficiency, such as condensation on the windows in the winter. So, as an enterprising individual, Terje began a course of self-study through online videos and other forums to get to know his house and make some improvements for a healthier environment and increased efficiency.

“I could have a second career in home performance,” Terje said.

After the improvements were complete, “It was a healthier home, that was the main focus,” Terje said. “But it was also more energy efficient.”

Shortly after he made the improvements, however, Terje and his family needed to relocate for work purposes. He put his high-performing house on the market, but it didn’t immediately sell.

Around this time, Terje heard a podcast from Bill Spohn, a building HVAC expert who reports on issues of building science, comfort, health, and efficiency. Terje had been a guest on the podcast in the past to discuss his own home health issues and performance improvements.

The particular episode that inspired Terje this time was about the benefits of Pearl Certification for contractors, homebuyers and sellers, and others. Terje was excited to learn that, at the time of a sale, having an independent home performance certification could help a home sell faster and for more money. On average, Pearl certified homes sell for 5 percent more.

Because his house wasn’t moving, Terje enlisted the help of his 14-year old computer-savvy son to identify a local Realtor®, Josh Hooper of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Midtown, who had a good web presence. It was also important to Terje that the agent had familiarity with Pearl, so Terje shared this information with Josh. “He found it fascinating, he could see the benefit,” Terje said.

For Terje, one of the key benefits of working with Pearl was the home report card. “The whole process of the Pearl home certification report is excellent and a good idea for the buyer and the buyer’s agent,” Terje said. “Most people don’t understand home performance at all, they don’t understand the dynamics.”

“The whole process of the Pearl home certification report is excellent and a good idea for the buyer and the buyer’s agent,

Terje G. Homeowner

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Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.