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In 2015, Kyle Lewis and his wife relocated from Washington, D.C. to Charlottesville to a house that had been built in the mid-2000s. One of their biggest improvement projects in their new home has been installing solar panels.

“We knew we always wanted to do solar,” Kyle said. He was motivated primarily by the opportunity to save money, he said, although he and his wife are “also very cognizant of the world and global warming and pollution.”

Kyle Lewis Homeowner

Before Kyle Lewis and his wife installed solar panels, they did a blower door test, replaced light bulbs, made some minor upgrades, and provided guidance on future improvements. Because the home was quite efficient, it received a Pearl Silver certification.

New Heat Pumps Get This Home to Pearl Gold

“The certification will be something we bring up when and if we sell.”

Shortly after his solar panels were installed, Kyle realized that he needed to replace the home’s heat pumps. “They were on their way out — it was time for them to go,” he said. Based on advice provided by Pearl, he spoke with a number of heating and cooling contractors, and finally selected a company that not only installed efficient equipment, but also ensured that it was properly designed and commissioned. This assurance gave him confidence that the system would provide the comfort and efficiency he expected.

The new heat pumps also gave his house the boost it needed to get to Pearl Gold.

Although Kyle has no plans to move soon, his Pearl Gold Certification “is a point of pride,” he says “The certification will be something we bring up when and if we sell.”

Since achieving his Pearl Gold certification, Kyle has recommended Pearl certification to a neighbor.

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