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Pearl Certification’s Green Door, a free application guiding homeowners on how to improve their home’s energy efficiency, now features an expanded contractor search that includes Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) members and Quality Assured (QA) accredited contractors.

Green Door features many tools and resources for homeowners, including the ability to search for contractors in the elite Pearl Network. The esteemed members of the Pearl Network represent the top contractors in the U.S. No other app provides homeowners with the peace of mind that Green Door provides.

With such stringent qualifications, the Pearl Network does not include vetted contractors in every market. In an effort to still provide homeowners with quality contractors in this scenario, Pearl Certification partnered with ACCA to recommend its highly skilled contractors.

When contacting ACCA members through Green Door, homeowners can expect contractors that invest in top-notch education and support ACCA’s rigorous quality standards. ACCA’s QA accredited contractors go a step further with annual verification and periodic review of their work to prove proficient execution of their installations. QA contractors can also verify their work with an ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) certificate that strengthens the integrity of the homeowner’s Pearl Certification package.

“Quality installation is critical to delivering the comfort and efficiency that homeowners expect, but it’s often a challenge to justify the price tag that comes with doing the job right,” said Sean Robertson, ACCA’s VP of Membership and Business Operations. “Pearl Certification does a great job of helping quality contractors shift customer conversations from price to value, and we’re pleased to bring more of our members into the Green Door app.”

Donovan Mosley, Pearl Certification’s Product Manager for Green Door, said, "Displaying ACCA members and QA Accredited contractors in Green Door's ‘Find Professionals’ feature was an easy decision. ACCA members receive top-level education, demonstrate industry best-practices, and employ rigorous quality standards to every job. Enhancing ‘Find Professionals’ with ACCA contractors supports Pearl's mission of showcasing elite professionals to homeowners looking for vetted work, excellent service, and deep expertise."

In addition to finding contractors for home improvement projects, homeowners can use Green Door to log their home’s energy-efficient attributes. Based on the information homeowners provide, Green Door recommends projects to improve their home’s performance and even suggests which improvements to prioritize. Homeowners can also track their home’s scheduled maintenance, upload key records to My Documents, and obtain Pearl Certification from a Pearl Network Contractor and download the corresponding appraisal addendum.

Research indicates that homes marketed with Pearl Certification, which signifies their level of sustainable features, sell for a 5.15% premium on average. Green Door can even connect users with Pearl Network real estate agents to truly support homeowners throughout their journey with their residence.

Admittance to the Pearl Network affirms contractors’ commitment to high-quality service standards and excellent business practices through third-party certification. Pearl Network members also gain access to a dedicated success team, sales training, marketing tools, and conference and industry discounts.

About ACCA: Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is a nonprofit association serving more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the indoor environment and energy services community. Our member firms are the nation's most professional contracting businesses, serving residential and commercial customers in every state. With roots stretching back a century, ACCA was incorporated in its present form nearly 50 years ago. Today, ACCA sets the standards for quality comfort systems, provides leading-edge education for contractors and their employees, and fights for the interests of professional contractors throughout the nation.

About Pearl: Pearl Certification is a national firm that qualifies an elite network of home service professionals and certifies high-performing homes. They enable home sellers to capture the value of their investments and buyers to find the homes they want. Green Door, Pearl Certification’s proprietary web app, provides homeowners with resources and tools to take an active role in improving their home’s energy performance.

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