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COVID-19 dramatically changed the world, including how Americans view the climate. Climate shifted to the forefront with a third of U.S. online adults reporting they think about the climate more than prior to the pandemic.

This shift in attitude pervades buying decisions with 32% of U.S. consumers prioritizing businesses that actively reduce their company’s impact on the environment. With a wealth of information just a click away, consumers spend more time researching the companies they do business with, and 61% actively seek out energy-efficient labels.

Sales Potential

Regardless if sustainable business practices are near and dear to your heart, it’s difficult to deny the power that a corporate sustainability message can provide to a company.

Across generations, U.S. consumers reported they are willing to pay at least 10% more for sustainable products:

Generation Willingness to Pay More
Gen Z (ages 10-24) 81%
Millennials (ages 25-40) 86%
Gen X (ages 41-56) 88%
Baby Boomers (ages 57-74) 76%

Source: The State of Consumer Spending: Gen Z Influencing All Generations to Make Sustainability-First Purchasing Decisions

Corporate Responsibility

With four in five U.S. consumers saying brands operating sustainably is important, they not only value environmentally minded brands, but they also expect them to identify what these efforts entail. Sustainable business practices vary by industry but could include:

  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing operations

  • Electric-powered business vehicles

  • Requiring suppliers to operate sustainably

  • Limiting paper correspondence in favor of digital communication

  • Maximizing recycling opportunities


Nearly as important as communicating what your sustainable business practices include is being transparent and accurate about those efforts. “Corporate greenwashing” refers to embellishing a company’s eco-conscious efforts to give consumers the false impression that the business is more sustainable than it actually is.

Avoid exaggerations and support claims with statistics whenever possible. Reporting that your company improved its recycling efforts by 33% year-over-year creates a bigger impact than an unspecific, generic claim about valuing recycling.


Deliver marketing messages where your customers are. Consumers across generations spend a significant amount of time on social media with social media use increasing by the year. In 2005, only 5% of U.S. adults reported using social media, but in 2021, that figure increased to an incredible 72%. 

Percent of U.S. Adult Social Media Use by Age  

Adults Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Ages 18-29 70% 71% 30%
Ages 30-49 77% 48% 36%
Ages 50-64 73% 29% 33%
Ages 65+ 50% 13% 11%

Source: Pew Research Center Social Media Fact Sheet

Research also supports the effectiveness of video marketing with 70% of customers reporting that the medium instills trust.

Email marketing offers a compelling approach. With an impressive penetration rate of 90.3% among U.S. internet users, email earns an average ROI of $42 for every dollar spent.


Every company self-promotes, making third-party certifications a powerful competitive differentiator. Compared to any other generation, Millennials rely more heavily on third-party endorsements with 84% distrusting traditional advertising.

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